The wellness industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors in travel. It will, of course, take some time for the (literal) hands-on therapies available in spas – think: massages and facials – to return. In the long-term, however, it will be wellness breaks which will be likely to be in high demand – with many of us looking for places that offer respite for the soul and some much-needed holistic expertise.

Offering practical help to ease spas out of lockdown, Helena Grzesk, the general manager of the not-for-profit UK Spa Association, says that it is continuing to support the spa industry during the pandemic, and is developing a new “ground-breaking” survey. This will aid government advice about how the spa industry can open up again, with a focus on hygiene and safety procedures. “The UKSA has taken the lead and has opened a dialogue with government officials, with the ultimate goal of new standardised guidelines on re-opening the UK’s spas,” Helena says.

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