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Many people fear visiting the dentist because of the pain and discomfort associated with the dentist visit based on experience or perception. One way to help your clients feel confident and comfortable visiting your dental clinic is to create a spa-like experience for them. People associate spas with relaxation, positivity, and enjoyment, meaning your dental clinic may be more enjoyable if you recreate a similar environment. Here are a few ways that you can do so.

  1. Maintain A Pleasant Demeanor

The minute one walks into a spa, the reception is inviting, warm and welcoming. Likewise, when clients walk into your dental clinic, they must be greeted at the reception with a pleasant smile and hearty conversation. Although the reason for people visiting your clinic is serious, that doesn’t mean the reception must be uptight.

As the receptionist collects any information or payment, they should be mindful of the words they use and their demeanor. They can then escort the client to the seating area and offer any entertainment items as they wait to get attended to by the dentist as they do at A&L Clinics Dentist Ipswich. The pleasant demeanor must spill over to the dental team, where the clients enjoy the treatment throughout any conversations or procedures performed.

The demands that come with work can indeed get overwhelming; however, for a spa-like experience, your clients must pick up on the fatigue you and your staff may be experiencing. You can consider finding ways to de-stress before attending to the next client, such as deep breathing, taking a brisk walk, or enjoying a short passage from a positive or uplifting book. These techniques may help you present a pleasant demeanor when interacting with clients.

  1. Keep Rooms Scented

The power of scents is within its ability to help people relax and enjoy the space. The aroma constantly floating around spas results from the different scents placed in the rooms and the products used during beauty sessions. In a dental clinic, the initial smell that can be apparent when one walks in is that of metal and chemicals because of the equipment used for dental procedures.

This default scent can be countered by different flavored essential oils such as vanilla, strawberry, cinnamon, peppermint, and lavender. You can also polish surfaces, such as your reception counter and waiting room tables, with the oils after cleaning to give a fresh burst of aroma. This subtle but effective technique will help create a spa-like experience in your clinic, which encourages clients to return to your clinic.

  1. Play Background Music

Playing relaxing music in the background, as spas do, may help to calm your clients’ nerves. The type of music should induce feelings of calmness, which can be soft classical, pop, or RnB, for example. Other clients may prefer to listen to their own music as not every person will enjoy the music playing in the background, and that’s alright as long as they play the music in their ears so that it doesn’t interfere with other clients listening to the background music.

  1. Decorate The Space

Instead of the formal reception, tables and chairs look, you can consider decorating the space. You can go for numerous themes when it comes to décor, depending on what your clients would consider lovely décor. You can go for a rustic theme where most of your décor is pallet furniture and items accompanied by pot plants.

Keep in mind that your décor should still be in tune with providing a relaxing atmosphere and aesthetically pleasing experience if you’re to create a spa experience. You can also include boards with motivational sayings about health, wellness, and life. This kind of décor is aesthetically enjoyable and entertaining, and informative.

  1. Offer Post-Procedure Gifts

Post-procedure gifts can create a spa-like experience after a spa treatment; clients can receive a thank-you gift in varying forms. You can consider doing the same after having attended to a client. Examples of gifts include a mug or key holder, any item your client will appreciate. Such gift-giving expressions are also a branding strategy that helps your clients form loyalty and refer others to your dental clinic.


Re-creating a spa-like experience in your dental clinic can help your clients enjoy dental visitations without anxiety. It can all begin with a pleasant reception when your client walks in or interacts with your website or through phone calls. Additionally, you can make an effort to scent the room, play background music, decorate your space, and give post-procedure gifts to your clients to make them feel appreciated and help encourage them to return. 

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