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How to Design a Spa: Interior Design Tips - Spa Industry Association
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The Spa is not an ordinary space like many other places with a lot of hustle and bustle. It is a therapeutic place where you look for some relaxing treatments to lighten your mind and body. The indoor ambiance and the overall feel play a vital role in gaining remarkable experience. Besides the services, the interior of the Spa is of equally significant.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when designing the interior of a Spa.

Create a Dramatic Entrance

The entrance of the Spa should be appealing enough to attract visitors. Lights, in-door plants, and some serene ambiance at the entrance create a dramatic look. When visitors are inspired by the entrance, they would love to take your services as well. Better entrance yields more walk-in visitors.

Display Creativity

Try to remain as close to nature as possible. Avoid using an artificial environment inside the Spa. Choose handcrafted items to spread a genuine vibe. Use textured materials and locally made textiles to promote local skills. Reclaimed woods, recyclable materials, and unprocessed items create an authentic outlook. It’s better to use copper and bronze.  

Use of Stimulating Colors

Sharp colors never soothe your eyes. The same goes for very dim colors. The most suitable range of colors for a spa is between these two categories. Use bright colors with fader tones. It is the best choice to use dim colors with low light. The purpose of the Spa is to engage the visitor and stimulate his senses. So, always use colors that enliven the soul, and the fragrance that tantalizes the senses.  

Use a Proper Ventilation System

A proper ventilation system avoids the smell of moisture or any enclosed smell. Build large windows to allow sunlight and air to pass through the place. Use fans to circulate the air inside the Spa. Keep the Spa cozy, fresh, and moisture-free to entertain the visitors with serenity. In case your Spa is present in a congested place, then use electric vents to do proper ventilation.

Lighting Is Crucial

Lighting is a crucial part of designing the interior of a Spa. The lights are different for every area. For example, at the reception, you should use bright light for visitors to read the Spa menu. In opposite to this, in the treatment room, dim lights are always the best choice. The waiting room can have moderate lighting where you can add up some fancy lights or fandeliers.  In short, you have to invest a little more at this stage than at other stages. 

Place Beautiful and Functional Furniture

Use wooden furniture with some hidden cabinets and drawers. If not possible to use wooden furniture, then use furniture of recyclable materials. Your primary focus is to portray a greener and healthier atmosphere. For this, you need to avoid plastic items. Cabinets, stools, massage tables, chairs, sofas, and shelves should be polished in darker shades to give a luxurious feel to the customer.

Go For Some Green

The lush green leaves, flowing calm water, and woods always bring pleasure to one’s eye. The sound of waterfalls brings a magical experience to a nature lover. Decorate the indoor of Spa with exotic outdoor nature. Meditative gardens, bamboo, stones, and small waterfalls amaze the visitor with their incredible therapeutic power.

Don’t Forget the Candles

No Spa is complete without the candles. Candles are the easiest and the most affordable way to pick up the interior designing game for your spa. There are uncountable ways you can add candles into your Spa interior. You can place candles in different areas of your spa. Or you can place multiple candles in a row with different colors and sizes. Many scented candles are also available in the market that enhances the visitor’s pleasure and changes the mood positively.

Final Thoughts

We know that the interior designing of the Spa is exciting as well as challenging for you. It requires time and effort to design the place for mental and physical relaxation. You cannot place things arbitrarily inside your spa. No doubt, it demands hard work, but the result is fruitful if you consciously build the interior. But remember, do not use excessive accessories inside the Spa. Keep this philosophy in mind when planning to design a Spa that “Fewer is always better”.