Makeovers are coming in several forms on East Second Street these days.

Nichole Jellum, 43, opened Beau Toi (pronounced Bo-twa) day spa and salon at 308 E. second St. last October. She and husband, Matt, have also been making over the building, the former site of Aero Print.

Last summer, Jellum took one look at the three- story building built in 1881 and said, “I’ll take it.”

Building manager Bill Dick and her husband just looked at each other, kind of stunned, she said.

The place needed work. A lot of work.

But it also fit Jellum’s vision—with hair and nail services on the first floor and esthetics on the second. It also had room for independent hairdressers, nail techs, masseuses and estheticians.

The space spoke to her even though it was covered in wood paneling, old carpet and windows covered in plastic sheeting.

The renovation has been a team effort. The building is owned by Mareta Maier and the Dick family of Dick, Dick and Corey Attorneys. And here’s the deal. The Jellums are investing tens of thousands of dollars into the remodel but they are recouping their money through rent reduction.

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