Colette Brown has been a licensed clinical esthetician since 1991. Her imbued experience in the latest, non-invasive anti-aging procedures fosters her passion for skincare and wellness for her clientele.

Colette understands the benefits topical probiotics contribute to the skin’s health. The unique way she combines wellness and skin therapy is why Colette leads the Columbia SkinCare practice on the West coast. She has a B.A. in education, is a certified Holistic Practitioner through the Kresser Institute, and has certifications in advanced skincare procedures.

Colette is Columbia SkinCare’s Western Regional Manager of operations and head of the Professional Products Division. Based in Beverly Hills, CA, Colette is supported by two lovely daughters and the family dog — Otis.

What has Colette learned in the business?

  1. When someone is excited and passionate about change, it moves me, because only then can we see the real transformation happen. Not just a physical transformation, but inside-out, where one is radiating beauty and confidence from within.
  2. Trust your gut and a mentor. Trust your gut not only to probiotics, but always be in tune and listen to your inner voice because it will guide you down paths, both in business and personal, you never dreamt of. A wise mentor can help navigate you through situations you were unprepared for, which can save time and money.
  3. Love yourself first. As a mom, entrepreneur, sister, and friend, my life can quickly be engulfed in the needs of others. It is a daily routine for me to practice gratitude, be kind to myself when I don’t make the best decisions, and no matter what, keep going!