The JW Marriott Hill is Shane Kelly’s 8th hotel since beginning his career 25 years ago. Shane began his career 2in Las Vegas working for MGM Resorts International, as a pool attendant. After spending the summer at the pool, Shane took advantage of staying on staff at the resort and joined the spa team.

After a few years in the Spa, Shane went on to open a new property in Biloxi, MS. Returning back to Las Vegas, he joined the team at Bellagio, and spent the next twelve years developing his knowledge about all things spa and furthermore about the Las Vegas market.

Shane was able to rise to the level of Spa Manager at the Bellagio, before seizing an opportunity to become a Spa Director with Four Seasons. The Spa industry has allowed Shane the opportunity to experience living and indulging of such places as Hawaii, Costa Rica, Chicago and now San Antonio.

Shane is a true believer in the “Golden Rule” (Treat others how you would expect to be treated), and tries to apply this principal personally as well as professionally.

Life Outside of Work Born in Hawaii, then moving to Guam, Japan, Okinawa, and California before finally residing in Las Vegas for a substantial part of his life, Shane has always enjoyed, while also being intrigued by learning new cultures and or customs. He has a passion for travel and really believes in living in unique places to get a better understanding of these places. He enjoys outdoor activities, but most importantly just spending time with his wife Alana, and kids Abigail and Cooper.

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