By Tina Figueroa

Nearly half of American’s will contract some form of cancer in their lives according to the federal Cancer Institute.  While medical science is making phenomenal progress in understanding and treating the symptoms and in some cases curing the diseases themselves, for most patients this still means extensive, and often painful, medical intervention.  Often overlooked in the urgent series of biopsies, chemo infusions, and medical protocols is the treatment of the human being going through it all.

One way that spas can help is to offer Oncology Massages and Facials.  The Society for Oncology Massage is the national organization that sets the standards for the special certification your therapists and estheticians will need to achieve before they can be allowed to work individuals that have gone through cancer treatments.  They partner with many local organizations to deliver in person and web delivered content that will provide the baseline understanding the therapist and your spa will need to safely deliver these treatments.

Here in Southern California our spa partners with Greet The Day a wonderful organization that not only certifies our therapists and estheticians but also assists us in offering Spa Day Retreats for survivor groups.  Imagine a group of cancer survivors that have the entire spa to themselves for a day of pampering, all treatments donated.  Wigs can comfortably come off, scars aren’t embarrassing, and everyone can bond over their shared experiences battling cancer.  It’s a profoundly moving experience for everyone involved and gives your spa a way to truly make a difference in the lives of your customers.

Your spa can’t cure cancer, but never discount the power of a healing touch to reduce the stress level of a patient or survivor and make the journey a little easier to bear.

Tina is the proud owner of the award-winning Larchmont Sanctuary Spa in Los Angeles.

Tina Figueroa

Tina Figueroa

Owner of the award-winning Larchmont Sanctuary Spa