Quality, customer service and an eye for trends are important to this Virginia retailer

“Virginia is for Lovers” notes the state motto, yet it is not just about people — that love extends to animals, especially for one retail store, The Nautical Dog. Located in Williamsburg, The Nautical Dog is “a store of love for animals.” Owner Amanda Morrissette opened the store about 13 years ago and has been growing and learning ever since.

“Everything I do here has a common goal of offering the best. I started the store when I was 20 years old and I’m now 33. It has all been a learning process and I still have lots to learn, but if you love what you do and put 110% it will all be worth it,” she shared.

Morrissette became obsessed with everything dog related after she brought her first dog, Roxy — a Pembroke Corgi — home. “I was always searching for cute little dog boutiques and going to pet stores to shop for her. I was already in retail (clothing) and decided that I would one day like to open a boutique for dogs and eventually (I) took the leap,” she explained.

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