Noreen Young
Educator/Skin Therapist/Makeup Artist/Beauty Reporter for TV & Print

Not only is it cold outside and winter is in full swing. However, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you need to start thinking about some special add on’s or treats to add to your facial or makeup services.

Dry, soft, peeling, lined, crusty lips all are signs of something and are a clue to what may be going on with his or her health too. Keeping your lips healthy require care on your part too.

Dry Lips may be a sign of weather like being in the hot sun or cold and frigid weather. Or it can be caused by a job that requires them to work outdoors, from blood pressure medicine or other medications. Or they simply are thirsty and lips dehydrated.

Beauty FIX: Applying a lip balm or green tea lip treatment conditioner can make a huge difference and will hydrate the lips and make them LOOK better too. In order for you to see results, tell them to do this day and night. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Peeling lips can be caused by the outer elements like the weather. Also today’s new formula die-hard lipsticks can cause dry peeling, flaky lips.
*If this happens to her, remind her to switch to another brand lipstick that works better for her.
If this continues, stop using the product that dries out your lips. Unfortunately, you cannot always have it all long lasting lipstick and soft lips.

Beauty FIX: Apply a lip exfoliator on your lips. It usually comes in a lipstick tube form or you can try to make your own and give that to her to take home too.

Lined lips can be a sign of a smoker or sunbather. Sometimes it is caused from your outdoor job or your fave sport.

Beauty FIX: Use a lip conditioner with vitamin E, C, green tea lip conditioning treatment or shea butter to nourish the skin tissue and lines around the lips.
Also, apply moisturizer and or sunscreen on the skin around your lips. Doing this will make her skin look and feel better.
Apply a lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen daily. Tell them to add a lip treatment to your beauty regime day and night.

Celebrities and runway models use an old time apothecary secret I personally love and it is called Rosebud Salve. This rose scented balm in a tin type jar makes your lips beautifully moist and hydrated. It also is great for chapped cheeks. I keep it in my facial room and makeup kit at all times.

Here are a couple of quick and cheap recipes you can make in your facial room!

D.I.Y Lip Exfoliating Treat:

2 crushed almonds (unsalted)
1 tablespoon of plain dry oatmeal
1/3 to ¼ cup of fresh water

Mix all of the above and make a creamy paste out of it.
Apply on clean lips.
Leave on five to ten minutes.
Rinse well with a lukewarm washcloth

Let your lips air dry and apply your favorite lip balm.

Her lips will love this!

Sugar Me Up D.I.Y. Lip Scrub

1 soupspoon of brown sugar
1/3 sunflower or almond oil

Mix the two together in a small bowl or mini glass dish.

Apply on clean lips with a baby’s toothbrush. (I keep them stocked)
Rub back and forth gently!
Leave this on for at least five or ten minutes for it to do magic.
Rinse well.
Apply your favorite lip conditioner afterwards.
Soothed hydrated lips!

I hope you enjoyed these D.I.Y. skin recipes and beauty secrets for healthy looking lips. See you at the IECSC show in New York.