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Remote Work: 6 Ways to Switch Off from Work and Enjoy Downtime - Spa Industry Association
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Work gets so consuming sometimes that we forget to take a break and pause. We hear a lot of “But we want to get things done already!”

While that phrase may sound productive and efficient, we often forget that we also need to rest and let our mind and body regenerate.

But as a remote worker, the line between work and home life has become blurry. Boundaries seem to be out of sight unless you’re a hardcore scheduler who believes that every task has its timing.

So, before your body rebels against you, here are six tips on how you can do the switch.

Write your to-do list for tomorrow

Before you even end your workday, make sure to write down your to-do list for the next day. It gives you an overview of what to expect on the following workday. It might be a simple task, but it can improve your flow.

Doing so gives you an idea of how much time you’d be spending on your desk and around what time you can 

Writing things down can also help you gain clarity. It’s far different from using an app to track all your activities and schedule. While those productivity features on your phone or laptop are helpful, it’s better if you still make time to write a to-do list. 

It’s an indication that you’re doing something physically. It makes the task real and present.

Tidy up your workspace

A clean and tidy workspace positively affects the way we do things. If you’re on a work-from-home setup, you should identify a space in your house for all your work-related stuff.

It matters that you have a dedicated spot in your house where you can do all your work. But a workspace you can call your own will be futile if it’s cluttered.

We at Maid Sailors Maid Service Jersey City believe that a clean workspace will lead to a happy disposition when working. This can result in tremendous and outstanding outcomes.

Now, when it’s time to finish work, you can leave that space and spend the rest of your day in the living area of the house to make some actual “living.”

For instance, you don’t have to spend time doing work in the bedroom when it’s a place meant for sleeping or resting and not for working. It creates a clear boundary within the corners of your house.

Mute notifications

Completely detach yourself from work after your working hours. You can start by turning off notifications after clocking out. 

You don’t have the responsibility to respond to any messages or emails that will come in after your duty is over unless it’s an urgent matter. If it’s not, then you can continue your day in peace.

When you mute your notifications, you consciously give yourself some time off from work updates. It makes you forget to pick up your phone and check your work emails and chat group. 

Get your body moving

A sedentary lifestyle has never produced any positive outcome in life. So when you feel like you’ve been sitting on your office chair for too long, stand up and do some stretching.

It’s best if you dedicate a particular time of the day to physical activities. Get your body moving so that you have better chances of increasing your mental alertness, energy, and positive mood.

You can choose to do it in the middle of the workday or before you even start working. Either way, once you decide to exercise, you decide to make your well-being a priority without sacrificing much of your work schedule.

Enjoy a relaxing bath

Enjoying a relaxing bath is the cherry on top after an exhausting workday. It can send signals to your body that it’s time to wind down and leave work deadlines behind. Besides, you can still go back the next day and continue working on the stuff you couldn’t finish.

Give yourself the chance to relax and let go of significant stressors. Your muscles can stiffen after spending countless hours in front of a computer. A relaxing bath relieves you from any soreness and spasms.

Light your favorite scented candle, run warm water in the tub, and give yourself some pampering.

Stick to a bedtime routine

Committing to a bedtime routine gives your brain the signal that you have to be done with work by a particular hour. It gives you the motivation to stick to a schedule so that you won’t need to compromise sleep to finish your job.

Besides, sleeping is one activity that could give you a better quality of life. You might not feel it because of how mundane it is, but it’s scientifically proven to improve demeanor and overall well-being.

Conclusion: It’s Okay to Switch Off From Work

Admit it: We’re all guilty of being obsessed with work at some point in our lives. We won’t judge you for it, but we would encourage you to spend some time away from your trusty computers.

An overworked machine doesn’t perform well and won’t last long. The same thing goes for our bodies.

Switching off from work and enjoying your downtime is not a crime. It’s one of the most critical breaks that you can take each day to help you breathe and recalibrate. 

And whichever company you’re working with, they will continue to run even when you decide to take a little break for your sanity.