By Christine Bates |

It was a surprise to me that the creator of my favorite brand of mineral makeup was Great Barrington’s largest private employer and also a driving force in the town’s economic development.

How would you describe your business?

We are a comprehensive line of makeup developed with quality minerals and skin care ingredients that are good for the skin. They blur the line between skin care and makeup. All of the jane iredale products adhere to the highest standard of integrity. Each product is subjected to rigorous sensitivity and safety tests to ensure it is as good for the skin as it is beautiful to wear. Our mission statement contains these words, “We pledge to provide a product line that has the utmost integrity and the ability to enhance the lives of women through its effectiveness, simplicity and beauty.”

Rather than center our business in traditional counter sales or department stores, we work largely through aesthetic industry professionals. Our makeup is a top choice of skin care professionals and is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide. Our core distribution is through fine spas and salons, resorts, apothecaries, and medical offices.

The aesthetic industry is different from general cosmetics in the sense that products are considered tools in order to help the client achieve results. It isn’t enough to look pretty, they have to perform as well.

We think of ourselves as a wellness company and a large part of that is promoting the health of the skin. The skin is our window into the body and the spirit. So, every product I develop is designed as a true extension of skin care. I have always had one goal in mind – to enhance the lives of women. So products and ingredients are scrutinized to make sure they serve a purpose and contribute to beauty and wellness.

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