Among those considered beauty procedures, one of the best-known is removing excess body hair. This process, besides being aesthetic, also helps, in some cases, to maintain hygiene, avoiding bad odors due to trapped excess humidity.

However, it’s important to recognize that among all the methods to remove body hair, the best known are waxing and shaving. Although both are temporary methods, they’re usually the most economical and have the least adverse effects.

But this raises many questions: Which of the two is best for the body? And what adverse effects does each have? Read on to find out all this and more.

How does waxing work?

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment, we need to know how it works. Waxing is a process where, as the name implies, wax is applied directly to the skin and then removed along with the body hair.

First, we have the hard wax, which, due to its consistency, becomes liquid when heated and can be removed when it solidifies again. This process does not require anything besides a wax heater: After simply looking at the best hard wax options online and choosing one, all you need to do next is heat it and place it on the skin to proceed with waxing.

On the other hand, we have the so-called soft wax, which remains more liquid and needs cloth strips to be removed. It’s much easier to obtain. 

However, the truth is that this procedure is usually a little painful and requires preparation on the part of the person, who will drink water to avoid dehydration, exfoliate the skin, and finally take a pain reliever for the pain because it’s usually painful.

What about shaving?

This procedure usually requires much less time and materials. In the above method, you may need a professional wax warmer, but in this case, you don’t. The right blades will do. These must be perfectly sharp,and mold very well to the body. 

In addition, to make the process much more fluid, it is advisable to use shaving creams or gels that will make the blade run better. 

Which of the two options is better?

It all depends on your skin type, the speed of hair growth, and the money you are willing to spend. Waxing is a process that is usually much more expensive, but it will take longer for the hair to grow back.

On the other hand, shaving yourself won’t cost much more than good quality blades and shaving cream. In the end, it’s a decision you have to make according to your preferences.