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Chicago, IL – July 8, 2023 – SpaSpace Chicago, a trailblazer in the wellness industry with a 23-year legacy, is delighted to unveil its reimagined experience, the Wellness Lounge. This visionary space seamlessly merges clinical, science-backed services with an inviting ambiance steeped in hospitality.

SpaSpace Chicago’s Wellness Lounge creates a cutting-edge sanctuary featuring state-of-the-art technologies such as Higher Dose PEMF with binaural meditation loungers, 650mm red light therapy, HydroMassage, contrast Aroma Steam Showers, and Infrared Saunas. You can choose one modality or try a wellness circuit. These advanced therapies cater to diverse goals and promote longevity by fostering cellular repair, enhancing skin vitality, aiding muscle recovery, inducing relaxation, and facilitating detoxification.

The Wellness Lounge at SpaSpace Chicago is available for both private and group events, offering a versatile venue for celebrations, corporate parties, and group outings. Our adaptable packages ensure that each event is meticulously tailored to meet the unique desires and objectives. 

In pursuit of promoting ongoing self-care, SpaSpace Chicago’s Wellness Lounge proudly introduces exclusive wellness memberships. Our valued members gain privileged access to an array of services, enjoy priority booking, avail retail discounts, and access various benefits, all designed to embrace a holistic well-being lifestyle.

Notable wellness industry expert, Ilana Alberico worked with established and emerging wellness technology companies to bring the Wellness Lounge brand and vision to life. 

“As we witness the convergence of new wellness technologies and the surging demand for wellness experiences, SpaSpace Chicago’s Wellness Lounge is at the forefront. We’re thrilled to see companies in the West Loop investing in our exclusive wellness memberships as a vital component of their employee wellness strategies, embracing a future where well-being is a shared priority.” 

SpaSpace Chicago extends a warm invitation to the public for the transformed Wellness Lounge launch party Monday, October 2, 2023. Anticipate guided tours, complimentary wellness sessions, and delightful surprises as we offer a sneak peek into the future of wellness.

For additional information, please visit or reach out to us at [email protected] 

About SpaSpace Chicago:

Female founded, with a remarkable 23-year legacy in the wellness industry and located in the west loop, SpaSpace Chicago continues to lead the way in offering the highest quality clinical skincare products, massage therapists, estheticians, wellness practitioners and high tech equipment under one roof. The new Wellness Lounge offers science-backed sessions in a tranquil atmosphere for athletes, stressed out commuters, corporate groups, and friends. Prioritizing personalized experiences, SpaSpace Chicago provides innovative therapies, event hosting, and exclusive wellness memberships to enrich overall well-being. Discover more at (