With summer right around the corner that means swimsuit weather is coming soon and that means, our focus surrounding body beautification is in full swing!

What if we told you we had a free and easy wellness trick to give your skin a smooth fresh finish, would you do it? Just follow this easy-to-do daily skincare pick-me-up and render amazing results both inside and out and unveil a flawless looking bod!

How To

Start by removing all clothing and cleanse selected areas. Using the dry brush, swipe the brush over skin in long, brisk motions following the 5 steps listed below:

  1. Begin with the front side of the body. At the feet, work briskly up each leg and thigh toward the heart. Focus on working into the pelvic ligament area for maximum benefit of lymphatic flow and drainage.
  2. Then, repeat upward sweeping motions on the back of the legs, starting at the calves and moving up toward the upper thigh with the same brisk movements.
  3. Next, dry brush each arm on both sides moving toward the axillary area for maximum benefit of lymphatic flow and drainage. The underside of the arm can be sensitive so move cautiously in this area.
  4. Dry brush the side of the abdominal area, moving toward the pelvic area from the oblique in a downward motion. When working on the abdomen itself, you want to work in a clockwise circular motion, encouraging the flow of digestion.
  5. Finish the front side of the body by brushing the décolleté, starting at the sternum working outward toward the axillary area for maximum benefit of lymphatic drainage and digestion.

*For best results, perform steps daily.



  • gently detoxify
  • elevated circulation
  • improved hydration
  • better skin tone
  • smooth skin finish
…and more!

Boost your results!

Try the European inspired Espresso Limón Slimming Oil directly following your dry brushing treatment to assist with further purifyingepicuren body oil and toning the body!


Let the pros do the work

If you’re not one to do your at-home exfoliation, consider booking a treatment with an expert. An array of skin buffing procedures can be done at a spa and quickly provide the results you desire. Book an pampering body therapy today with an elite certified Epicuren® aesthetician at a spa in your area by visiting theEpicuren® Spa Locator.
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