By Debra Locker, President, Debra Locker Group

You’ve selected the right outfit in a bright color, planned how you’d like your hair and make-up to look and understand that a mic will be clipped to your clothing. You are almost ready to go on camera! Wait. Do you know what to do with your hands? Or where to look? Probably not.

Let’s talk about on-camera body language.

  • Keep hands and arms unlocked and ready to gesture. When your body is in a closed off position, it can communicate nervousness.
  • Gesture naturally, but not expansively. To make gestures that will be seen, you or your PR person should ask where the camera is hitting on your body. If it’s waist up, keep gestures in your torso area. If chest up, gesture between chest and head.
  • Don’t fidget. Every movement made on camera is magnified.
  • Don’t face the camera full-on. Instead, angle your body to face the host. With that said, IGNORE THE CAMERA! Approach TV interviews like you’re talking to one person. Ignoring the camera is also a great way to calm your nerves.   

If sitting:

  • Women should watch their skirt length. Don’t cross legs at the knees on camera, cross at ankles.
  • Women and men, sit upright on the edge of the chair or couch. Don’t slouch.
  • Keep hands on lap near knees or rest them loosely within one another atop lap.

If standing:

  • Loosely nest hands at navel level or your side, bring them up to gesture.
  • Plant one foot in front of the other to avoid swaying.

About the author – Debra is the President of Debra Locker Group, which she founded in 2008. The boutique agency specializes in lifestyle, spa, wellness and beauty. Clients are featured on “The TODAY Show,” “The Doctors,” in SHAPE, Marie Claire, The New York Times; to name only a few outlets. Debra has been part of the spa industry since 2001, which is when she began as the PR Director for the International SPA Association. More may be found on, @DebraLockerGroup on Instagram & Facebook, and Debra Locker Griffin on LinkedIn.

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