Over-the-top price tags in today’s consumer world often represent a newsworthy novelty or something to brag about: Japan’s most expensive melon, New York City’s priciest pizza, or Italy’s fastest racecar plated in solid gold. In the beauty world, however, the cost of a luxury cosmetic product or treatment can often indicate quality.

Few industries seem better suited to absurdist pricing than beauty, a superlative that women and men of all ages strive for in the quest for perfect skin and a fountain of youth. But how are consumers supposed to distinguish price from worth? We’ve conducted the research so that you don’t have to. After trying many of the world’s most expensive luxury cosmetics and beauty treatments, these are the ones that are actually worth it. 

A new line by Nobel Prize-winning chemist Sir Fraser Stoddard, Noble Panacea totally lives up to its glowing hype. Each product from the brand’s two lines is divided out into aluminum-free packets to preserve bioavailability, totaling a 30-day supply. When using the products individually, perfect skin is inevitable. For the brand’s Brilliant Collection, combining each of the four products comes out to a monthly price tag of $849. Prices aside, this is definitely the best new product on the market. Prices involved, it is absolutely worth it.

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