Opening or starting up a new business is no walk-in the park. Is it exciting? Absolutely. The possibilities are endless, and the experiences will be unmatched. But if you aren’t aware of the potential mishaps business owners go through; you’ll have a rough time. Your patience and will are likely going to be tested at some stage, so it’s best to be prepared.

Every business industry is different. A gym owner isn’t exactly going to be going through the same struggles as someone who owns a library. So for aspiring spa and salon owners, what are the things you need to watch out for? 


Of course, costs are relevant to all business owners. But it’s often salon owners who are caught off guard by the high cost it takes to open the doors. Firstly, a spa or salon requires a lot of utilities. Lighting, water, heat, and electricity are all extremely important to have a successful salon or spa. This is an unavoidable cost, so try and get the best price for them. Utility Bidder can give you a quote on all your requirements. 

Nothing in a spa or salon can really be half done. Everything needs to be the best it can possibly be. This goes from interior design to equipment and everything in between. Hire only the most qualified professionals in the setup process to have the highest standard of business possible. The average price of opening a salon is roughly £60,000. 

Get the Right Employees

Hiring employees for a spa or salon isn’t the same as hiring a sales assistant in a supermarket. You need someone who is firstly properly qualified and reliable. The business you own will be judged on the quality of the service above anything else. Your employees are also going to be working long eight-hour shifts, and unfortunately, just getting the job done isn’t quite enough. The staff need to maintain a healthy and happy atmosphere in your business, to optimise the experience.  

Be a Good Owner

You need to be passionate in your proceedings when it comes to opening a spa or salon. It’s going to take a lot of hours and effort to really have a successful business. This includes negotiations, being considerate to staff members, and leading the business in the direction it needs to go. Frequent communication with your colleagues is absolutely necessary when trying to elevate the workplace. This includes listening to suggestions as well as identifying the current issues with the service. 

Things Break

All businesses see many breaks, wear, and tear throughout their lifetime. The beauty industry is by no means an exception to this. You’re going to see dozens of customers a day for a long period of time. This means a lot of equipment is going to be used, as well as objects and products. It won’t be surprising to see the cost of all these broken items add up quickly. Having spares of essential items as well as considering the potential costs of replacement items is key.