Getting the best spa equipment for your Spa salon is the difference between giving an average spa experience vs a great one. However finding the best spa equipment store is often a hard choice part.

With the rise of SHopify, independent merchants have found a fantastic way to open up their own Spa equipment Shopify store and generate lots of sales and offer great products and services.

In Shopgram, we have browsed all the Shopify stores, analyzed the top Shopify stores in the US, have looked into the number of products in their inventory, their rank on Alexa and their detailed products.

How many Shopify Spa equipment stores are there?

There are around 800 spa related stores which are using Shopify to sell their products with the majority of them being from the United States (475 Spa stores in US), since Shopify has lots of options for international shipments, this won’t be a problem much.

You can see the full list of Shopify stores that sell spa equipment supplies from here.

What are top selling Spa equipment products?

Some of the spa equipment is sold via dropshipping, if you’re not familiar with the concept of dropshipping, to put it simply it’s a way to sell online without having to own an inventory. You basically get your products from a supplier via platforms like AliExpress and then you just take care of the marketing and sales and the supplier will take care of the product for you.

That’s why you will see lots of products being sold in various shops. 

What are the most popular Shopify stores for spa equipment?

We have crawled and analyzed 800K Shopify stores including every store in the spa equipment section and came up with this list, so hang tight and see them for yourself:

  1. Spa Sciences – Revolutionary Beauty Devices | Professional Results‎

Specialty: Electronic Beauty devices

Alexa Rank: 162643

Number of Products: 30

  1. Surya Spa 

Specialty: Unique natural spa products inspired by Indian acient medicine

Alexa Rank: 1042984

Number of Products: 33

  1. Miss Spa -Spa Results at Home

Specialty: spa result at home for your skin

Alexa Rank: 1026608

Number of Products: 161

  1. Cosmetics, Skincare, Wellness and Spa | bluemercury

Specialty: Spa, Makeup and Skincare products

Alexa Rank: 54438

Number of Products: 5000


Specialty: Candles that help you meditate

Alexa Rank: 1336101

Number of Products: 14

  1. Derm Spa Store | Shop Nayak Plastic Surgery

Specialty: Medical spa with unique perspective in helping you choose the right products for your skin

Alexa Rank: 1415949

Number of Products: 188

  1. Spa Noir Beauty | Lavish Your Body | Shop Natural Beauty Products Here

Specialty: Natural skin care and aromatheraphy products

Alexa Rank: 2015960

Number of Products: 154

  1. Lizush | Natural Bath & Body Products | Spa Gift Sets 

Specialty: Natural Bath & Body Care

Alexa Rank: 1648313

Number of Products: 23

  1. Spa Technologies

Specialty: Everything needed for a nice spa at home + curated kits 

Alexa Rank: 2033772

Number of Products: 171

  1. Estetica Spa

Specialty: Specialist on Beauty, Spa and self care 

Alexa Rank: 2063799

Number of Products: 109

  1. Luxurious Home Spa Gift Baskets For Every Occasion –

Specialty: Everything Spa + specially designed gift baskets for special occasions 

Alexa Rank: 2177294

Number of Products: 72

  1. Luxury Spa Robes | Official Source for Luxurious Hotel & Spa Bathrobes

Specialty: Spa Robes and towels + Special Gift Packs

Alexa Rank: 2250849

Number of Products: 50

  1. Candle Subscription + Spa Box | Monthly Candle Boxes | Wicked Flame

Specialty: Subscribe to monthly Spa Boxes 

Alexa Rank: 2392221

Number of Products: 7

  1. Urban Hydration Natural Hair Care, Skin Care, and Bath and Body

Specialty: ” Natural, Plant-Based Beauty

Alexa Rank: 495357

Number of Products: 104

  1. Chillhouse — a destination for modern self-care

Specialty: The Authority in MODERN Self-Care

Alexa Rank: 515209

Number of Products: 193

  1. Comphy Sheets – Developed for Spa. Designed for Ahh. | The Comphy Company

Specialty: sheets and bed for spa

Alexa Rank: 654854

Number of Products: 349

  1. Tricoci Salon & Spa: Chicago Hair and Spa Services

Specialty: from hair care and skin care to body care and wellness essentials

Alexa Rank: 54438

Number of Products: 421

  1. Givhony Spa

Specialty: Hot Tubes

Alexa Rank: 659529

Number of Products: 56

  1. Bio-Therapeutic Spa Website

Specialty: electric equipment

Alexa Rank: 847632

Number of Products: 57

  1. Daily Concepts, individuals who think (and sing) in the shower

Specialty: Bath-ware

Alexa Rank: 1052269

Number of Products: 59

  1. Angela Caglia Skin Care | The At-Home Clean Luxury Facial Experience

Specialty: The At-Home Clean Luxury Facial Experience

Alexa Rank: 946154

Number of Products: 47

P.S: You can see all the spa related Shopify stores in the US from here.

Should I open a spa equipment store on Shopify?

It is debatable. The app is flexible and easy to use, and they provide world-class customer service that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also provide free business coaching as a customer service if you ever need some fast advice or are stuck on a sales plateau.

The only time we don’t suggest it is if you’re a novice looking for a fast buck. No matter which platform or method you use, running a business requires hard work and perseverance.

Good luck with your new spa equipment business!