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Top Spa Trends for 2021
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Spas are an experience many people are looking for. Many people invest time, money, and energy into creating a spa-like retreat in their bedrooms and bathrooms. These at-home experiences are great, but time away from home and life can be even better. 

People want the chance to relax, refocus, and care for themselves on a deeper, more intentional level. The coronavirus pandemic caused many people to spend more time at home, but the return to normalcy has renewed interest in self-care and spa days.

Many spas are looking to include new treatments and experiences for guests, but aren’t sure which to offer. There are new trends in spa treatments gaining traction and popularity in 2021, and it’s time for spa owners to include these trends in their packages.

One trending “spa treatment” is a complimentary ride to the spa. This small treat can really heighten the experience for customers. If this is not offered currently, then it might be time to invest. When you add transportation to the spa menu, however, don’t forget to add commercial car insurance for transporting clients.

Trending Spa Treatments

Spa treatments are a lot like every other product or service: What’s hot and on trend is constantly changing. The old standbys of facials and massages aren’t the only treatments on the 2021 spa-goer’s list. Many people are looking to spas to help improve their mental health. This shift in focus has created several new treatments that are gaining popularity this year. 

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is part of the movement toward nature and environmental awareness. This trend started in Japan but has gained traction in all parts of the world in recent years.

The idea is fairly simple. Individuals bathe, soak, swim, or meditate in a natural, wooded area. This experience encourages healing, a better mood, and a greater awareness of the world around us.  

While this may not be feasible for all established spas, it could be an exciting opportunity for others. If your business is situated near a beautiful, heavily wooded area, then this might be the trend to explore. Take advantage of a unique situation and offer forest bathing to customers in 2021.

Crystal Healing

The use of crystals in wellness dates back to ancient times, but it has come into greater focus in 2021. Crystals and other gemstones are believed to help balance energy within the body. It’s a holistic health treatment used to encourage wellness and mediation.

The setup and application of this treatment are not one size fits all. Crystal healing can take place in a massage setting or a larger setting as part of a greater spa experience. 

The addition of crystal healing can be a great addition to several current offerings with minimal adjustments or reconfigurations. This might be the trend to include in more established spas or as an accessible and affordable way to shake up the offerings menu.

Animal Yoga

Another huge trend in 2021 is animal yoga. The idea is to take the traditional yoga class outside into an area shared with a specific type of animal. The most popular animal yoga classes involve goats, llamas, or alpacas. The animals aren’t heavily involved or active in the poses themselves, but their proximity to humans is a great mood booster. 

Animal yoga operates on the idea that spending time with furry creatures helps with both mental and physical health. Dozens of studies have shown improvement in mental health and mood when people spend time with animals. These same studies even show a decrease in more negative conditions like chronic health issues and mental struggles, like anxiety and stress

Animal yoga is a bigger, and possibly more complicated, investment, but the benefits to customers would be well worth it in the end. Look for ways to expand any current yoga offerings to include a furry animal or two.


Cryotherapy is a treatment often used by high-performing and elite athletes, but it’s making its way into spas around the world. Also known as cold therapy, cryotherapy uses extremely cold temperatures to reduce overall inflammation and pain throughout the body. Cryotherapy has also been known to help reduce depression.

The treatment is relatively short but effective. Individuals step into a large enclosure that drops rapidly to extremely cold temperatures. The near-freezing temperatures attack diseased tissue within the body. 

These treatments have very minimal side effects, most of which are only temporary. The benefits, however, are extensive and grow in their effectiveness with recurrent treatments. 

Modern Spa Experiences

In years past, a trip to the spa usually included the same treatment choices. People have booked a weekend away to enjoy salt scrubs, facials, and maybe a steam in the sauna. While these treatments are enjoyable, they are not always what people are looking for.

Many of the new spa trends emerging in 2021 make it clear that spa-goers are looking for more versatility and a more vivid experience in their treatments. The newest and hottest spa trends of this year are much more alternative in nature.

Solo Spa Days

An expected trend of 2021 is solo-spa days. Rather than enjoy a girls’ trip or weekend away, people will be seeking a retreat on their own. Most of the trending and conventional spa treatments can be enjoyed solo, and people are taking advantage of the time away.

Visiting a spa solo gives people the opportunity to disconnect, both digitally and physically. The demands of daily life slip away, and individuals can focus on themselves before jumping back into the structure and demands of life. 

Alternative Therapies

There is also a growing trend for alternative therapies. Rather than enjoying the conventional mud wraps and facials common to the spa experience, people are opting for a different kind of pampering.

Some high-end spas are adding treatments like sound baths, light therapy, energy healing, and CBD treatment to their menus. These therapies focus on more holistic wellness and healing. 

Start the Spa Experience With Transportation

Many spas are looking to expand their offerings, but some take it to a different level altogether. Some spas have chosen to offer complimentary transportation services to their spa guests. This means the spa experience starts before people walk through the doors of the building.

The addition of transportation services does present a different layer of considerations. Transportation customers from their homes to the spa means more liability. More liability means more insurance coverage in case of accidents or injuries.

These considerations shouldn’t stop you from considering transportation as a spa offering, however. Simply review your current insurance coverage and determine what the new coverage might look like. 

It’s time to reevaluate how business is done and the treatments that are offered. Take the time to plan and market your reopening and see how things trend upward in 2021. 

Laura Gunn researches and writes for the car insurance comparison site, She is passionate about promoting self-care in a rushed and frazzled world.