More and more beauty solutions are introduced to the market every year, with each company coming up with a new formulation to defy signs of aging, address skin conditions, or enhance one’s appearance. Notably, a beauty treatment that helps boost skin health intrinsically and give the client an instant glow has become popular in recent years. This treatment is called intravenous infusion drip or IV vitamin therapy.

In this treatment, a spa attendant will administer the vitamin-infused salt and water solution to the client by connecting an IV bag with a tube and catheter to a vein and letting the infusion pass through the bloodstream. The client can choose from several different concoctions depending on what they’d like to achieve from the session. Some may opt for vitamin infusions that help improve the immune system, eliminate toxins, or alleviate pain. Others may want a quick beauty boost, which can be achieved with vitamins that help revitalize or hydrate the skin.  

Aside from these, there’s more to learn about IV drip spas and the effects of IV sessions in this article. Continue reading to find out.  

IV Drip Spa Basics 

When you visit an IV drip bar, one of the first things you’ll do is discuss your health history with one of the specialists who will assist you during the treatment. To help you feel more comfortable discussing your medical background, it’s best to ask the staff about their client confidentiality clause and ask for clarifications as needed.

This pre-treatment discussion is done to ensure you won’t experience adverse reactions, such as burning sensation or vein bruising at the area where the IV drip is administered. They may inquire about any past illnesses or allergic reactions triggered when you first received the treatment, so it’s essential to consider your responses carefully.  

Apart from allergies, the registered nurse or licensed health practitioner will confirm if the IV drip therapy is safe for you based on your current health status. Generally, this treatment is considered safe for everyone who isn’t pregnant or lactating, has no heart ailments, has regular blood pressure levels, and no chronic illnesses. 

Once you passed the health assessment, you can select the type of treatment you’d like for the session. The drip spa may offer treatments based on what the ingredients or combinations can boost or alleviate.    

Here are some of the typical components that make up an IV infusion: 

  • Saline Solution 

Saline is a salt and water solution commonly used in IV drip treatments. This solution is used for fluid replacement, which can help treat or prevent dehydration and alleviate stress. According to a 2020 review on the use of intravenous fluids in sports, a normal saline solution is effective in treating mild sodium depletion. An earlier review also affirmed its efficacy in replacing lost fluids in cases of hypovolemia or dehydration.

Many IV drip spas offer hydrating drips with saline solution as the base ingredient because of their ability to replenish lost liquid and rejuvenate the body. With saline solution as base, customers can select vitamins and other supplements to achieve the kind of boost they want to get from the treatment.

  • Electrolytes 

IV infusions can also contain essential elements that support hydration, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphate. Electrolytes also help regulate blood pressure, improve muscle movement, boost energy, and support cognitive functions.  

  • Antioxidants

If you’re looking for a beauty-enhancing treatment, you can opt for a concoction with glutathione. This substance is popular for its rejuvenating and antimelanogenic effects on the skin, as demonstrated by a 2017 study. Some spas also offer IV drip solutions with the coenzyme nicotinamide or NAD+ that also acts as an indirect antioxidant. This substance is known to combat oxidative stress, support weight loss, and promote the production of stem cells.  

After selecting your treatment, a qualified nurse will inject a needle connected to a catheter through the skin on one of your arms. Then, you’ll typically have to wait for around 30 minutes until the IV bag is emptied.  

What To Expect After An IV Session 

Most wellness spas boast about the instant effects the customers can enjoy immediately after an IV session. Some also attest to the noticeable changes they experience in their energy levels and appearance. Many clients leave the spa feeling rejuvenated with a healthy, youthful glow, which is why more people become interested in this treatment.  

When it comes to side effects, clients report some discomfort, itching, or swelling to be minor, with most going away on their own without needing any intervention. 

For your safety, it’s best to be gentle around the IV site a few days after the treatment to avoid excessive contact or pressure. Wash the area gently and keep it protected to prevent irritation, bruising, or pain. As long as you exercise proper care, you should be able to continue your daily activities without issues. 


IV infusion treatments can be your go-to beauty and wellness solution if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to give yourself an instant glow and wellness boost. Because of their popularity, these treatments have become more accessible and convenient to many, with readily noticeable results. 

Apart from the positive effects on your health and appearance, you can also enjoy the known health benefits from IV vitamin therapy, especially if you want to alleviate pain, relieve stress, or recover from a hangover. Overall, IV drip spa treatments can be a great addition to your self-care routine if you want a solution that can make you feel and look your best in an instant.