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What It Takes to Run a Successful Health-Based Business
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Today, there is a seemingly endless stream of ideas for entrepreneurs looking to get into health-based businesses. Self-care, health, and wellness have never been so important to people as they are now. According to a report from the Global Wellness Summit, the industry is worth over $4.5 trillion with no signs of slowing down.  

There are so many ideas to explore from personal care and beauty to opening a spa to fitness coaching. Do your market research to discover top growth trends you can leverage to build a successful health-based business. Here are some pointers to help you along your entrepreneurial journey.  

  • Take advantage of startup capital 

Over the last decade, a lot of venture capital funding has been invested in health-based businesses, especially in digital health. Investors are backing hundreds of businesses looking to use data to inform clinical decisions and engage health care consumers.    

  • Follow your passion 

If you are not passionate about yoga, fitness, dance, or alternative medicine, do not force yourself into it just because it is the latest trend. Come up with the right business idea that you are passionate about. There are so many business opportunities in the health industry. Once you’ve found an idea you love, you can customize it to suit your target market, condition, or location.    

  • Embrace authenticity 

The health-based industry is rife with charlatans peddling pseudo-scientific products and wellness influencers for hire making baseless claims. Absent enough government regulations and internal company policing, people have taken it upon themselves to try to separate legitimate approaches from false and often injurious doctrines. Increased vetting and community policing have led to an increased appreciation of authenticity in the industry.    

  • Set your business up for success 

Running a wellness business involves many moving parts. You need to be able to maximize your time for maximum profitability, so you definitely need time-saving software for your business. Accounting software can help you track expenses and profits, and if you have employees, scheduling software can ensure their productivity, make scheduling consulting sessions more efficient, and even guarantee timely and accurate payroll. 

Before hiring employees, opening a business bank account, and registering your business, you’ll need to get an Employer Identification Number from the IRS. Simplify the EIN registration process by using a service to secure your EIN.   

  • Identify a target audience 

Healthcare is vast, consisting of many sub-sectors. Before starting a business in the industry, it is important to identify your target market and the business layers to get to your customers. This way, you will be able to avoid pursuing dead-end marketing strategies and instead focus on developing cost-effective strategies to reach the right audience. 

You need to factor in location and demographics to make sure they are aligned with your target customers.   

  • Embrace flexibility 

Growth demands change and evolution. In the rapidly changing field of health and wellness, you have to be flexible. Morph with emerging opportunities to grow your business and solidify your success, like offering online classes in the pandemic.  Being too static exposes you to external threats.  

  • Celebrate success 

It’s seemingly a no-brainer that your health and wellbeing should be your top priority when running a health-based business. Unfortunately, the pressure of entrepreneurship forces many to forsake their health. You need to give yourself a break to celebrate your successes.  

  • Start small and grow 

Start small and road test your ideas before expanding. There are several ways to test the viability of your health-based business. These include forming partnerships with other brands, conducting surveys, and running a free event. Once you have established the minimum viable product for your business, you can consider scaling.      

Before you scale your business, consider the size of your audience, commercial sustainability of your business model, competition, and your level of commitment and resilience.  

Healthcare is booming with business opportunities. While clinical medicine has traditionally been the sector attracting the most investment, health and wellness are providing additional opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the growing industry. With the right strategy, you can launch and run a successful health-based business in any sub-sector.