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The idea of spa retreats and self-pampering might seem like a foreign concept in today’s society. The average person is constantly on the go and any “free” time is typically divided between work, family, school or some other pressing obligation. Unfortunately, relaxation, more often than not, takes a backseat to life. However, treating yourself to some much needed peace and serenity is not lost.  

Check out these trending spa and beauty products for Fall/Winter 2017 that will nourish mind, body and soul:

Lemon and Citrus

Citrus fruits have amazing revitalizing properties so it is only natural that many brands are incorporating lemon, lime, grapefruit and verbena into their lines.  Citrus infused fragrances, scents and oils do wonders to boost energy and mood. 


The benefits of superfoods are undeniable and lend themselves to amplify a wide variety of spa and beauty products.  Avocado, olive oil, banana and other foods are used to enhance the body and overall wellbeing. 


Honey is another item featured front and center in many product launches. This soothing and rich ingredient has a wealth of health benefits from aromatherapy to skin moisturization. 

Each spa is as different as its owners and customers, however certain elements tend to transition across specialties to create a welcoming atmosphere and positive experience. Keeping up with new concepts is part of providing a superior customer experience. 

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