It’s Valentine’s day and we have a collection of lip looks that will turn up the passion! Use this guide to match your lipstick to the kind of guy you are spending your valentine’s day with.THE REBEL — The Rebel guy takes chances, breaks the rules and likes his girl to be adventurous. The best lip combo for a date with a Rebel… LBD Lipstick in shade Hot Pepper, a rich, warm and spicy shade of red, mixed with LBD Lip Sheer in Pansy. Now you’re ready to jump in something hot with your Rebel!

THE ROCKSTAR — The Rockstar is a guy dripping with charisma and sexiness. His girl should follow suit. Try LBD Lipstick in shade Holly Berry, this rich shade of deep Bordeaux topped with LBD Lip Sheer in Assunta , also a rich glossy wine shade that will make your date wonder who the Rockstar actually is.

THE WALL STREET GUY — The Wall Street guy has no time for mistakes, time is money and a sure fire way you know you’ve got it right is with LBD Lipstick in shade Mindful Red, the perfect red to wear for wall street guy, classic and timeless. Mix it with LBD Baci Baci shade La Vie en Rose and it will make you look like a million bucks!

THE METROSEXUAL — This guy knows trends and what’s hot at the moment. To stay on-point, try LBD Lipstick in Nude, a trendy looking nude topped with LBD Lip pencil in Red Brown. This will have you ready to outshine even the savvy Metrosexual!