Kinesiology taping has been around for decades, helping athletes and workout buffs to enhance performance and get adequate support as they exercise. It also speeds up the healing of muscle and joint injuries. But this incredible supportive aid has come a long way, from being recommended by sports trainers and physical therapists to becoming a part of massage therapy. It comes as no surprise that you will find massage therapists in spas using Kinesio tape, while some clients specifically ask for it. You will want to understand how it can enhance the outcomes of massage therapy and whether it is worth using. Here are some reasons why it is emerging as the new massage therapy trend.

Prolongs the massage benefits 

When you get a massage for pain management and relief, you will want the outcomes to stay for as long as possible. The same applies to athletes who avail of this therapy for muscle relaxation and performance enhancement. Kinesiology tape can do wonders by holding the muscle stretch in place even after the therapist completes the session. It relieves the pressure and strain from the area for a prolonged period, and you can expect the results to be sustainable. You get value for money and long-term pain relief, which improves the quality of life.

Enhances muscle recovery

The best thing about Kinesio tape is its flexibility, and therapists use this feature to their advantage and take their service a notch higher. As they work on specific body parts and use the tape over the stretched muscles, the process speeds up recovery. The muscles are held in place, which gives you better chances for resolving the pain for good. You can ask your therapist to Get Kinesiology Tape for your Shoulders today if you have an injury in this area. Similarly, the professional can use it over your back, neck, calf, or any other injured area. Apart from speeding up the healing process, taping these areas can stabilize the muscles and prevent injury for active clients. 

Add-on service for therapists

The spa industry is highly competitive, and centers and therapists need to go the extra mile to stay ahead and retain clients for the long haul. If you are a therapist, you can make that extra effort by integrating kinesiology taping into a regular massage service. It is a win-win for both the therapist and the client. The therapist offers an innovation to the clients, which means better reputation and more business. The best part about using the technique is that it is safe and effective and works for everyone. At the same time, clients appreciate the benefits they avail with a holistic treatment that combines the best of a conventional massage session with this magical supportive aid.

Therapists who want to stay ahead of the curve must learn the technique and include it in their service offerings. If you fail to keep pace with the trend, you will probably miss out on the clients in the future because this trend is here to stay.