Why Self Love Is Important

The way we are able to love ourselves sets the tone for the way we love others and essentially the way we show others how to love us. If we treat ourselves with little care it is opening the door for others to think it’s ok to treat us with little care. That being said the opposite holds true as well. If we hold our standards of love for ourselves high then others learn to treat you with that same amount of love and care. Like attracts like. 

As a mother of two boys this is very important to me to show them self love and how to give and receive not only love, but also compassion, empathy and forgiveness for others and themselves. In order to teach them these qualities in life I feel a responsibility to embody them myself. Not always something easily done especially when it comes to practicing these qualities towards myself. It can be much easier to give love, compassion and forgiveness for others that it is to give it to ourselves and in turn receive it from others. Below is a little starter list on how to practice more self love in our lives. 

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