As the world continues to change, sustainability is becoming vital, and even necessary, for businesses and establishments to remain competitive and relevant. Consumers are shifting their priorities, and that includes prioritizing environmental consciousness when it comes to buying a business’s products and services. Even spas need to incorporate sustainability into their strategies to continue to appeal to their customers and gain profit. But other than the business aspect of it, being eco-friendly has massive benefits for everyone involved. Here are some reasons why sustainability is something spas should start practicing: 

Connecting with the target market 

Sustainability is a big deal across different markets and is becoming an essential part of running and growing businesses due to the changing world and the shifting value of consumers. Case in point, sustainable fashion businesses have long recognized that market research can help brands address both the needs of their customers and the environment. They ask what issues surrounding sustainability their potential customers and target market care most about, so they can best align their business closer with the most urgent needs of their clientele. 
Likewise, spa businesses should identify gaps in the market and focus on what to address. A single sustainable brand can’t address every issue out there, but taking stock of your customer base’s values and wants can help you further develop your sustainability initiatives that will influence your services and products. Your brand then becomes part of the collective of businesses contributing to a good cause, appealing to more people as well.

Cutting down costs 

Sustainability may seem like an expensive venture, but going green can save you money in the long run. Investing in proper equipment and tools may be costly, but doing so can reduce your spa’s footprint and bills. One small change you can make is to use LED lightbulbs in your spa. Compared to standard incandescent bulbs, they use at least 75% less energy. Some LED bulbs also come with smart features that allow you to dim them down, allowing you to save more energy and aid in creating a relaxing ambiance. 
Using reusable spa products can also help you cut down costs and reduce your business’s waste. Instead of cotton balls, you can use reusable cotton rounds that can be cleaned after using them. Cleansing towels are also much more sustainable than disposable tissues or paper towels. You also won’t have to keep buying a new stock every time you run out of single-use items, freeing up your budget to allow for more important investments

Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion 

Sustainability practices require an all-hands-on-deck approach, and a myriad of perspectives and experiences are necessary for creating strategies that accommodate everyone. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important aspects of sustainability and are surprisingly intertwined. 
A workforce comprised of varying demographics, backgrounds, and communities provides a better understanding of the impact your spa business can have through sustainable strategies. This also allows you to harness the talents of all kinds of people regardless of age, race, gender, and social status. Not only does your benefit from well-thought-out sustainability practices, but you can empower those whose voices aren’t always heard. A diverse and inclusive workforce prepares you to make big and bold changes for a lasting impact. 
Sustainability is integral for your spa, workers, customers, and the world. The results won’t always be apparent, and it may take a while to truly see change, but you can be proud of your work in contributing to a good cause. 

Article contributed by Rayla Josey