New Mentoring program in our industry…check it out!

Hi friends,The global spa and wellness industry has made career wellbeing part of its mantra with the launch of the first-ever global mentoring project. The Global Mentorship Pilot Program, spearheaded by a team of spa and wellness experts from around the world,... read more
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Is graying a trend now?

Is graying a trend now?

So…hopefully everything in this article is true…then I’m getting cooler and cooler everyday. According to this piece in The Baltimore Sun, gray hair becoming cool.  Susan Reimer writes about the increasing trend for 2015, in which they are saying... read more

Intl. Medical Spa Association

The Intl. Medical Spa Association is our focus on the medical spa side of the industry.  Find information on legislation, insurance, trends, and other resources on our IMSA pages.