Acne be gone? No, this is not an infomercial

Acne be gone? No, this is not an infomercial

Our friends at have built a business on delivering outstanding skincare. That being said, they have a specialty in the Acne arena and you have to check out Vanishing Act Soap. There is so much to read about this soap, you’ll need to view... read more
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Green Spa Network Unveils New Membership Structure

Free Associate Membership brings sustainability resources to all. Contributing Membership lets green spa leaders shine. In honor of Earth Day, the Green Spa Network is excited to unveil a new membership structure designed to make joining the network easier and expand... read more

Adding salt to your menu…your spa menu.

Another great write-up on how salt therapy is affecting people’s live in a positive way and is being sought out by clientele.  Read this article on the Salt of the Earth Spa in Oxford and see why it’s great for not only health…but spa business... read more

Intl. Medical Spa Association

The Intl. Medical Spa Association is our focus on the medical spa side of the industry.  Find information on legislation, insurance, trends, and other resources on our IMSA pages.