How Do I Find Clients When Moving to a New Town?

How Do I Find Clients When Moving to a New Town?

Q: I’m currently working as a spa employee, but in 4 months I will be opening a solo esthetics practice in a town 24 miles away. Obviously, I can’t take spa clients with me and they wouldn’t want to drive that far anyway. How do I find new clients when moving to a new... read more

5 Reasons to Success with Software!

Hi friends, I’ve been to 6 shows between California and Paris this year and talking to 100’s of spa owner/operations, one thing is perfectly clear; you need a software package that does it all and then some… The success of your business is based upon... read more
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JMPankey Partners has released a spa health calculator application for spas. This innovative benchmarking tool allows spas to calculate the health of their business. Our application uses best practices, key indicators and industry standards to assess a spa’s financial... read more

Intl. Medical Spa Association

The Intl. Medical Spa Association is our focus on the medical spa side of the industry.  Find information on legislation, insurance, trends, and other resources on our IMSA pages.