Having the best spa day possible starts before the day. Kudos to you for joining the growing crowd who prefers authentic health and wellness experiences rather than fall for promises from products and pills. Now follow these guidelines to prepare your minds, body and life to maximize your spa retreat.

1. Fly Solo

You have other things to do with your partner and buddies. While couples massages and spa parties have skyrocketed in popularity, make your whole spa day about you. Even casual chatter about work and home could interrupt your efforts to reset and recharge.

2. Get Super Hydrated

Massages, scrubs and steam rooms encourage sweat, unclogged pores and toxin release. Well before game time, drink more water every morning and day. Water initiates the purity process spa treatments build upon, so make it your primary beverage, plus limit alcohol and caffeine.

3. Make Yourself Unavailable

People are accustomed to doing two or more things at once, since one is usually checking a phone alert or responding to it. Your spa day is not the time to keep this up.

  • Turn on your email’s auto-respond, vacation message.
  • Give your spouse, pet sitter or childcare provider the spa’s telephone number in case of emergency.
  • Turn off your phone and keep it in your spa locker or safe until your time ends.

4. Leave Valuables At Home

Spa lockers and storage can’t secure your expensive earrings, bracelets and watches if you forget to take them off. Do not risk losing valuables to a powerful shower or whirlpool. Prepay via an app or booking system so you can limit valuables to cash to tip spa staff.

5. Arrive Early

Spas pad time between appointments to freshen rooms and supplies. However, if a 10-minute traffic delay or unexpected errand pops up, rushing will stress you out. Arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to get settled, fill out paperwork and enjoy complimentary herbal tea or snacks.

6. Embrace the Pampering

You’re a results-maker every other day of your life, so spas need clever ways to push high-energy guests like you to slow down. Even short procedures will soothe. Relish the leg-draining calf massage with a pedicure, lie back for temple massage with your brow wax and submit to all pampering efforts you receive.

7. Ask About Oils

You can replicate a spa’s immediate aromatherapy benefits. Ask the staff about essential oils used throughout the space and during procedures, then pick up your favorites. The Seed to Seal® standard set by Young Living Essential Oils protects you from unethically sourced or low-quality oils you could have allergic reactions to.

8. Tip Well

Spas operate like salons and restaurants, with a portion of salaries expected from customer tips for great service. This practice keeps base service prices affordable. If you enjoy your day, make sure to tip appropriately and well.

9. Nail Your Next Appointment

Don’t take the chance your favorite masseuse or one weekend off gets booked. You are right there, so take advantage of in-person scheduling to get penciled in.

10. Take the Night Off

It will be jarring to go from the spa to a high-pressure event or work project. Professionally-induced relaxation and toxin release may leave you feeling great, but low-energy. This is expected, so you’ll be fine (and wise) to get an earlier bedtime.

Consider regular spa days your nonnegotiable wellness retreats. One day a month is essential, but don’t be surprised when you sneak in more.