In golf, we call it a Mulligan. We should look at 2020 as a muffed shot, and I don’t think we should count it. As we enter the fourth quarter of 2020, I’m lining up a second shot. 2021 is going to be that second shot. I wish I had a magic potion that would make this all better, but I don’t. We are going to have to plan carefully and work our way through this.

Do you remember last year when we really didn’t know what the words “Social Distancing” or “PPE” meant? My, how times have changed. Last year at this time, we were working on our budgets for 2020. Now we must change the way we do our planning. We must now plan week to week, month to month, and quarter to quarter. The sum of these will eventually equal a year, but for now, we need to plan these shorter segments more accurately.

Things are changing quickly. We find ourselves in start-up mode once again. Hopefully, once we reopen our businesses, we will be able to stay open. Being responsible adults, we will only do so if we are doing everything possible to do so in a safe environment for our staff and our guests.

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