Nowadays, many people prioritize exercising to maintain their health. There are various fitness regimens available to those who want to achieve a healthier, fitter version of themselves.

If you usually perform rigorous workout routines to stay in shape, then you’re likely familiar with the pain that persists afterward. It’s normal for your muscle tissues to tear after being put under stress. You’ll then experience soreness during their repair stage, which can be difficult to endure. Thus, you must find ways to ease the pressure on your body. Here are some tips you can try to recover after a grueling workout:

  1. Try Cryotherapy

Performing strenuous and high-intensity workouts can make your muscles sore. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is normal since your muscles need time to repair themselves after being strained. However, when this happens, it can be challenging to perform basic tasks like walking or sitting down since you’ll feel an ache in your body each time you move. The pain may persist for a few days, which can force you to halt your daily activities.

One effective method you can try to recover quickly and lessen your pain is cryotherapy. This form of treatment uses cold temperatures to soothe parts of your body that are sore from a workout. It involves using a special chamber that emits liquid nitrogen vapors to maintain temperatures around –200 to –300 degrees Fahrenheit. Facilities like Nuwave Cryotherapy Spa usually offer various treatments depending on an individual’s condition. If your pain is concentrated on one area only, you can opt not to use the chamber and get targeted cryotherapy treatment instead.

Overall, this method can help reduce the muscle soreness you’re feeling and make it easier for your body to bounce back after a workout. It’s worth a try if you’re looking for a completely different form of muscle relief.

  1. Get A Massage

It can be troublesome to endure the pain caused by your fitness routine, especially when you have a hectic lifestyle. Fortunately, there are ways to address the soreness in your body. A massage is a quick and accessible method you can incorporate into your workout aftercare. It can encourage blood flow in your body and decrease muscle inflammation.

There are various types of massage you can get depending on your preferences. If you’re experiencing muscle pain due to intense workouts, you can go for a deep tissue massage. This uses pressure to untangle knots in your muscles and target the deepest layers of your muscle tissues. You may feel uncomfortable during the massage since your therapist will focus on the parts of your body with the most tension.

If you’re sensitive to touch and hard pressure, you can try a Swedish massage instead. This treatment combines long strokes and kneading techniques to restore the blood flow in your body.

  1. Use A Foam Roller

If you don’t have the time to go to a facility and receive a post-workout treatment, you can always try easy muscle relief methods like stretching or muscle rolling.

A foam roller is a small tool you can utilize to de-stress your body after your gym session. Using it to soothe your muscles will help alleviate the soreness you might feel the day after your workout. It can lead to the release of tension in your body and also help restore healthy blood flow.

You use it by moving your body over the cylindrical tool and utilizing your body weight to apply pressure on your muscles. For instance, if you want to roll your calves, you simply need to put your leg over your foam roller and move the limb back and forth while applying some weight on it.

Regularly using a foam roller for a few minutes daily may also help increase your flexibility. You’ll have an easier time performing your exercises if you have good mobility and a wide range of motion.

  1. Do Yoga Or Light Cardio

Rest is vital for your recovery after an intense exercise session. However, if you completely eliminate physical activity the day after your workout, you may risk feeling sorer. Although it seems counterproductive to move when your muscles are painful, it can actually benefit your body.

Performing a light workout to bounce back from a strenuous fitness routine can aid your muscles. You’ll experience less pain, and the DOMS you have will fade faster. If you feel discomfort every time you move, you can try yoga to stretch your muscles and release tension in your body.

You can also perform cardio exercises like jogging or walking while you’re still recovering from a high-intensity workout. Doing these activities during your recovery period will help you stay on track without pushing your body past its limits.

Final Thoughts

It’s common to experience body pain or soreness after a strenuous workout. However, it could disrupt your daily routine and cause you discomfort. Fortunately, treatments like cryotherapy or a massage can help aid your recovery. Such methods are worth giving a shot if you’re seeking effective ways to ease your muscle pain.