For us humans, we get to enjoy a ton of different activities to unwind, have fun, and relax. That’s why the health and wellness industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, appealing to people of all ages who want to take some “me” time and get some well-earned rest from the busy goings-on in everyday life. 

But what about our pets? Just because your dog doesn’t work a 9-5 job in the office doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the chance to enjoy the finer things in life every once in a while. With that said, here is a quick rundown on what a pet and wellness spa is, the benefits for your pet, and some of the current trends.

What is a pet and wellness spa?

A pet spa is a place where you can take your furry friend to be pampered and treated like royalty. Pet spas typically have a number of services available, all of which are tailored towards your dog’s happiness, health, wellness, and grooming. 

They function in a similar way to the health spas that we go to, as in you can go for one or as many services as you like, and most of the treatments last anywhere from 30 minutes up to a half or full-day. 

What are the benefits of visiting the spa for pets?

So what is the purpose of taking your pet to the spa? The good news is that science has proven that this isn’t just some gimmick; there are plenty of benefits for your pet to enjoy, such as

  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Lowering of stress levels
  • Improving the cardiovascular system
  • Improving mood and happiness
  • Bonding time with the owners
  • Better hygiene and smells
  • Healthy and shiny coat
  • Early detection of skin and other health conditions

In most centers, you will be able to connect with a canine rehabilitation therapist who can discuss any of your dog’s issues and decide upon appropriate treatment. 

Four spa and wellness trends for pets 

With all that in mind, here are four of the most common spa health and wellness trends for your pets.


An absolute staple in the human health spas, massages are now making their way to pet wellness centers so they, too, can enjoy the relaxing sensation of a professional masseuse. There are many benefits to a professional pet massage, such as:

  • Improved blood flow and circulation
  • Alleviate joint and muscle pain
  • Reduced stress
  • Faster recovery from injury


While acupuncture has been a therapy used on human beings for over 3,000 years, it’s only just starting to make its way to the pet industry. If you’re not already familiar with the practice, it involves tiny needles being inserted into the skin at specific points that are supposed to give off specific therapeutic effects on the body. Most people (and pets) do not feel any pain at all during the process as the needs only enter the skin very shallowly. Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Improved circulation
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Aids in muscle recovery


Hydrotherapy is a form of therapeutic exercise for animals. There are many different hydrotherapy variations, but the most common involve your pet swimming freely in a pool, running/walking on an underwater treadmill, and playing with other animals in the pool. This exercise is especially good for older dogs that suffer from joint pain as exercising in the pool is non-weight bearing, so they can play and have a good time without hurting themselves. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Pain-free exercise
  • Increased circulation
  • Increases mobility
  • Increased flexibility


Now we are really getting into the luxury end of pet spa days. Blueberry facials for dogs have been a new trend sweeping the nation, and for a good reason too. Your furry friends can enjoy a ton of benefits from a relaxing facial, such as:

  • Proper cleaning off the face with a non-irritant
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Brightens the fur
  • Gets rid of tear stains
  • Improved hygiene

Spa product trends for pets

Besides taking your pet to health and wellness centers, you can now purchase tons of different products for your pet at home. This industry is really starting to catch on, which means that more and more exciting products are being released each year. Here are some of the best ones to keep your eye on:

Fitness trackers

Like we all wear watches that measure our vitals and daily movements, you can now purchase fitness trackers for your pets so you can keep a close eye on their health statistics. These handy pieces of tech track things like activity, sleep, heart rate, and more.

Cannabinoid products

Now that the cannabis craze is truly sweeping the nation, there’s no reason why our pets can’t get in on the action too. While THC is toxic to dogs, CBD is therapeutic and has many benefits similar to the ones found in human studies. CBD products can help ease anxiety and stress in dogs, bring down inflammation, and even help with seizures. 


You can buy all sorts of products that help improve the smell of your pet’s coat. After all, it’s no secret that dogs sometimes smell pretty bad, especially after a day out in the rain and mud. Fortunately, there are aromatherapy products that you spray on your dog’s coat and then brush through their fur to improve the smell and overall appearance. You can choose from a wide variety of scents, and many of them help to calm and soothe the dog’s skin. A win for you and your pet!