Spa properties provide patrons with leisure, relaxation, and rest; however, you must provide a safe and secure property to ensure your guests have a relaxing stay. So, which security and safety features are a must-have for your spa property? 

Keep reading as we discuss the top features when building a safe and secure spa for your guests. Improving your spa facility will increase the likelihood of your business’s success. 

Access Control 

Access control is the foundation of your building’s security. When guests are on the premises, enjoying pool and spa facilities, they will need to leave their personal effects in the locker and changing rooms. To enjoy their leisure time, your guests must have the assurance that their personal belongings won’t be stolen during their spa day.  

To provide your guests with this assurance, you can implement business security doors that permit entry for your guests but prevent intruders from entering the building and accessing locker rooms and spa facilities. 

Access control uses keycards or fobs that allow authorized users to enter the premises. Cloud-based access control solutions are becoming increasingly popular as they enable you to implement mobile credentials. When guests check in at your spa, they can download access credentials to their mobile devices that allow them to enter the building. To enter, they do not need to withdraw their mobile devices – they can simply enter by waving their hand across the reader’s motion sensor.  

This will allow the reader to communicate remotely with their device to unlock the door. This is a convenient, hygienic, and easy entry method. Plus, you won’t need to fund the replacement costs for keycards and fobs when your guests lose them.  

Investing in an access control solution is the foundation of creating a safe and secure spa property, and cloud-based access control is a simple and streamlined solution that will elevate the guest experience. 

Video Surveillance 

In addition to securing the building from intruders, you must also protect yourself from liability should a guest fall victim to a crime on your property. By placing video surveillance around your property, you will have evidence of property damage or crimes occurring to aid an investigation or insurance claim.  

With a cloud-based surveillance system, you can provide more safety for your guests. Your staff members can check security camera footage from anywhere to verify that the pool, gym, or spa areas are safe and that no guests are in danger. They can do this easily on their mobile devices, allowing for more supervision on the premises. 

Changing Room Security 

When guests leave their belongings in your locker rooms and changing facilities, they need to know that no other guest or staff member will be able to access them. To ensure total security in your changing rooms, you can implement lock systems for each locker. Your guests will have a key to secure a specific locker while they enter the pool or go for a massage

Providing this security measure will help your guests enjoy total peace of mind at your spa and a restful break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

Health And Safety 

Health and safety is another crucial consideration for your spa facility. You must ensure your guests are safe while using your facilities. For this reason, you should consider implementing the health and safety regulations listed below: 

  • No alcohol policies – your guests should not be permitted to consume alcohol while accessing pool and spa facilities due to the increased risk of a slip and fall. 
  • Handrails – you should provide adequate handrails in wet areas to reduce the likelihood of a slip and fall. 
  • Cleaning schedules – you should ensure a regimented cleaning schedule for your wet areas and spa facilities. It is unhygienic to allow multiple people to use a steam room, sauna, or pool for many days without performing regular cleaning. You also need to implement hourly cleaning to ensure that wet areas do not become too slippy, resulting in an accident. 
  • Food and beverage restrictions – your guests should not be permitted to eat anywhere in the facility other than designated restaurants and cafes, as this could lead to poor on-site hygiene. 
  • Signage – you should provide signage to inform your guests of any steps, the depth of your pool areas, and any regulations for the equipment and facilities within your spa. 

Health and safety measures protect you from liability should your guests have an accident on site. However, you should provide a disclaimer on your website, accompanied by the facility’s rules, letting your guests know that they are responsible for their safety on the premises and that you do not assume responsibility for your guests’ safety. 

First Aid 

If an accident does happen at your spa, you must have a first aider on site to provide care and assistance. Providing your employees with first aid training during the onboarding process will ensure that there is always someone to help your guests should they sustain an injury or have a health event on-site. 


Finding the right installer for your commercial security system installation will allow your spa to have a safe and relaxing environment. Additionally, you need to know that your business will stay in good health should an incident occur. Providing health, safety, and security measures will reduce your liability for accidents and incidents at your spa facility – ensuring your business is not damaged by the hefty cost of a personal injury claim.