A fundamental change has occurred in how people look for products and services they need and how they make purchase decisions. Now, potential clients and customers turn to reviews and advice from people they trust. A few positive remarks from a trustworthy influencer have much more impact on people’s opinions than an expensive commercial on TV or even sponsored posts on social media. For this reason, brands have started cooperating with social media influencers to promote their products and services. And the effects are incredible. Like many other businesses, spas can also benefit significantly from such partnerships. The beauty industry has exploded dramatically due to the emergence of social media and beauty bloggers who knew how to exploit the new playing field for making money. And the reasons why spas should be working with social media influencers are numerous.

1. Increase your client base

Single cooperation with the appropriate influencer can generate a considerable spike in the number of followers. Therefore, to target the demographic you want to reach, you must select influencers carefully. Keep in mind their age, location, and the type of content they post on their platforms. This way, you can target new customer groups. If you want to attract a more affluent crowd, you can do that effectively by choosing the right influencer.

Looking at hashtags a specific influencer uses can help you determine who is worth looking into. Ideally, spas should be working with social media influencers who are passionate about health, beauty, fitness, and travel. Moreover, they should also have high engagement with their audience and a large number of followers. The number of people who follow a person means nothing if only a tiny portion reacts to the content.

2. Create digital awareness and a likable image

In addition to growing the following base and engagement, influencers have the incredible power to drag a business from complete obscurity to the limelight. Since people are interested in influencers’ lifestyles and will try to imitate them, they can shape people’s perception of a brand by endorsing and legitimizing it. Potential clientele buys into the experience spas can offer before they even book, so positive comments from an influential figure will effectively increase the likability of your business. Mentioning your spa in one Instagram story in which they talk about advice on how to unwind and spend quality time with friends, family, or partners will generate buzz and create a chain reaction of positive outcomes.

3. Increase sales

Influencers are always in tune with what their audience wants and needs. More importantly, they have built trust between themselves and their followers. They have managed to do so by working hard on being authentic and trustworthy. Because of this, their word means something, and cooperating with them can boost sales dramatically.

Building customer loyalty is another major reason why spas should be working with social media influencers. If you had trouble attracting new people to visit your spa, a giveaway organized in cooperation with a blogger will have a positive outcome. And these new people will want to come back once they have tasted a sample of what you offer.

4. Diversify your content

We are all well aware of the importance of social media presence for all types of businesses. To make sure your spa is not forgotten, you have to pay attention to what you post. Your content must be engaging, fresh, innovative and informative. If you have run out of original and good quality content to publish, you can always share an influencer’s posts. During the visit to the spa, they will make videos and photos, which they will use for a few days. Also, they will make live videos in which they can advertise your services. Sharing their content will fill the gaps and serve as an endorsement for your quality.

5. It’s a win-win partnership

Cooperation with social media influencers is a powerful marketing tool for spas, and there’s no telling where it could lead. And it’s a win-win situation too. In exchange for talking about your services, posting photos, blogging, making stories, or live videos on Instagram, you can offer the chosen influencer an overnight stay with a spa treatment. Alternately, if it suits both sides, you can provide financial compensation. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be a one-off partnership. If you are in it for the long haul, the benefits for both parties can be astonishing. You can organize events that will promote both sides and add to the positive image you are trying to convey. Finally, whatever the arrangement, such cooperation is good value for money. We have already established that the word of a reliable influencer is more effective than traditional marketing tools, but it is also less expensive. And both parties are satisfied.

Trust influencers and treat them with respect

The benefits of working with social media influencers are immense. You should communicate the terms of cooperation clearly, so both sides go out of it happy. Remember, be professional – influencers are business people like any other, and the good ones are in high demand. Provide the information they need and make sure you show them what you’ve got. They must wow them! And people will trust sincere reactions. So, you will make the most out of this business relationship.

There is another point that spas should take into consideration. The fact is that there is a sea of young YouTubers and Instagramers who are striving to become famous. Thus, the pressure for being different and creating quality content is increasingly stronger. Therefore, should you decide to start cooperating with a beauty blogger, choose wisely. If you have done your research well, the influencer you have selected will produce more dynamic and unique content than you could ever imagine.

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