Hairdressers and cosmetology students typically work well together as a business. Women love nothing more than to get their hair done and follow this pampering up with even more benefits such as facials or nail treatment. 

If you want to get your start-up business on the go, then social media is a surefire way to get your business noticed. If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of online business, now is a good time to start by gaining visibility.

Get your website going

Make a splash by developing a website that draws attention to your hairdressing and cosmetology services. A website is an essential part of doing business in the contemporary world because everyone uses the internet for searches and bookings. Include experience and qualifications on your ‘About’ page for all the business owners or employees. 

Clients want to see who they’re dealing with, and how you have transformed the looks of the regular clientele. Ensure that your booking form is highly visible, with a call to action to make that all-important appointment to transform customers’ lives.

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Showcase your products and services

A website is also a great way to showcase your ‘added value’ products and services. These may include hair and skin products, nail services, hand and foot massage discounts, special promotions and many others. Include a subscriber list to a regular newsletter so that you can build a database of customers. 

This way, it will be easier to keep in touch and keep customers updated about promotions. Use your website to show before and after images of happy customers, which encourages greater patronage. Make sure your website has easy share icons to several social media platforms to increase audience reach.

Get into blogging

Blogging from your website is an excellent marketing tool, where you can generate visibility for your business with SEO tactics. Blogs are also an excellent method to keep clients informed about the latest technologies and trends in hairdressing and cosmetology. 

Include valuable information about the benefits of skincare in your blogs, so that customers appreciate why it is important to take care of this precious asset. Few clients want to go to a salon that is still using technology from the previous century, so use this opportunity to do a business remodel.

Open social media accounts

Open at least 3 social media accounts that will target your primary audience, and reach new customers. Social media provides excellent platforms to share images of your work, client experiences, and encourage interaction. 

Audience engagement is an important marketing tool because clients are happy to give feedback—good and bad. Be sure to respond to all feedback, and then invite suggestions for improvement. People enjoy sharing opinions as much as they do images and will feel special when their suggestions are taken into account.

Follow industry leaders

When you connect with industry leaders, you get to see what competitors are doing to promote their businesses. Copy them because they’ve already done the leg work to find out what works best, so no need to do unnecessary research.  You can introduce new trends to your clients which you’ve picked up from the competition. Following industry leaders is also a positive way to increase your visibility, get return follows, and potentially attract some of their clients.

Offer promotions

Once you have your customer database taken care of, it will be easy to plan advertising campaigns to offer special promotions. Promotions can include discounts for haircuts and color, or for skincare. Provide discounts during slow periods of the week and month to increase your sales. 

Create competitions regularly to give clients free giveaways for the most shares on social media. Get your creative juices flowing to come up with brilliant promotional ideas and kick start your campaign across social media accounts, or even directly to client’s phones.


Marketing and advertising a small hairdressing and cosmetology business in your area is not that difficult. Sure, it takes time to build an online presence, but if your offline patronage is already good, you should be able to quickly grow online. Get buy-in from your clients; organize brochures to encourage them to connect and you’re sure to quickly grow your business through simple but creative marketing ideas.

Author’s Bio:

Stella Gary is a career counselor who works in close coordination with students to help them pick the best suitable careers for them. She also contributes to their success by helping them with academic writing covering thesis and dissertation. In her free time, she listens to rock music, goes swimming and attends language classes.