Cannabis has been trending across the global platform for quite a time now. Since the introduction of this drug in the market, it has found extensive uses in multiple sectors. Among other uses, it finds profitable applications in the medical industry.

But the real reasons behind the popularity of this psychoactive drug include the fact that it works wonders as a recreational remedy. Its use in calming down the human nervous system has potentially made it a popular drug across all age groups. And to add to these contributions of this drug, this one offers minimum or no side effects upon regular usage.

However, no matter how effective this product is, it is still not legally accepted in many countries across the world. In many countries, it is illegal to use this drug, and one can end up serving the jail if caught with its possession. Hence, if you are an ardent user of CBD or marijuana, it is essential to know the trending rules of the same international distribution.

About Cannabis

Marijuana is another name widely popular for the cannabis drug, which happens to be a psychoactive drug obtained from the plant. It is widely used for both recreational and medical purposes. Also, it consists of the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is one of the other 483 known compounds present in the plant body.

People tend to use this substance by vaporizing, smoking, within their food recipes, or even as an extract. It offers you several mental and physical effects on the body and even fruitful in controlling pains and other health conditions.

Also, it helps people to control their anxiety and delusions if taken in restricted amounts. However, to get the appropriate results, it is essential to get the best variety of these products from trusted Chicago marijuana dealers.

As already highlighted above, there are legal implications that control the distribution of this substance across many countries and states. In the USA’s case, it has been made legal to use marijuana in almost 11 states.

But no matter how effective this one drug is, it often causes tremendous addiction to regular users. You can now check out the recent Cannabis Act, which was passed by the Canadian Senate to regulate the growth, sale, and distribution of recreational marijuana across the country borders. Here are additional six rules concerning the international distribution of the drug for your reference:

1.  Decriminalization

The concept here is that cannabis laws are divided into three sects. These include decriminalization, medical-legal, and finally, the entire legal one. The first one tends to decriminalize any user possessing marijuana, and the person needs to pay a certain fine to the concerned authorities. However, in the case of the other two, you can use the drug in a controlled manner. But again, this law tends to differ between different states and their jurisdictions.

2.  THC Percentage Matters

In case you want to deal with CBD products in the market, you need to know more about the THC content. According to the laws, there is a restriction on the THC content of the CBD product distribution across the borders.

In the USA’s case, a CBD product must consist of a legal percentage of 0.3% THC. However, the percentage allowance tends to differ in other parts of the country as well. Similar rules apply to the international distribution of this product across other counties as well.

3.  No Marijuana Products Meant For Medical Usage

Although CBD products are quite beneficial in controlling several health disorders and body pains, it is not identified as a potential medical drug.

Users invest and indulge in using these products as secondary supplements to their prescribed medicines. Hence, according to WHO, no drugs containing CBD as an ingredient can be considered to be an approved medical commodity.

4.  Permission for Import/Export

Every country and its states have specific regulations pertaining to CBD’s international distribution across the global platform. Therefore, be well aware of the import and export laws governing a similar activity. Even the organizations settled in the home countries would issue you specific export permits governed by the government and individual health regulations.

5.  The Federal Controlled Substance Act

The Controlled Substance Act passed in 1970 divides the drugs into five sections, among which, marijuana falls under Schedule 1 as it shows high potential for substance abuse. However, since 1981, there have been frequent efforts to shift this drug from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 class of drugs.

If cannabis is shifted to Schedule 2, one can extensively use marijuana for medical and research purposes. However, the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Agency have rejected this petition over the past few decades.

6.  Federal Vs. State Laws

There are potential differences between federal and state laws governing CBD products’ distribution and usage. According to the federal laws, the use of marijuana is still illegal, but in the case of the state laws, it is permitted in many states in the USA. Therefore, it is essential to understand the conflict between these laws and their applications before dealing with these drugs across your location.

There can be many instances where the users, businesses, and even government officials can get involved in illegal activities concerning the distribution of this drug across the global platform. There is strong discrimination regarding the distribution and usage of CBD products.

But the discrimination is not even in tune with the state laws as they do not offer any prohibitions against medical cannabis users. Due to such confusion, the users aren’t sure how these state and the federal acts can impact recruitment decisions.


As the article comes down to wrap, you learn about the intricate details about the trending rules concerning the international distribution of marijuana. The entire CBD market is explicitly rising with time. It has always been the best interest for several users and practitioners for its healing and therapeutic properties.

But if you intend to distribute CBD internationally, you need to be well aware of the rules and regulations concerning the same. Thus, educate yourself about these six intricate rules and make sure to establish the business appropriately.