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Business owners in the spa industry — and most every industry — are faced with an unprecedented situation in today’s uncertain times. And because of this, it’s crucial to explore some short- and long-term activities which may help to not only ease our clients’ apprehensions, but to also help our businesses thrive and make profits.

Follow my six expert tips below if you need some inspiration in light of recent changes to your flow of business.

1. Connect with your clients ASAP.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to reach out to your clients and let them know what you are doing to protect them, your staff, and uphold the cleanliness and safety of your facility. It may seem unnecessary to some of you, because you know that you are always following extremely high levels of safety and sanitation, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate it now.

Let your clients know via email, social media and your phone messaging system that you are on your A-game and following all current CDC and state-level recommendations. You will also want to state that your cancellation policy has been amended during this time to accommodate clients who are ill or who have recently traveled to areas involved in an outbreak.

If you do choose to change your spa hours or close altogether for a period of time, it’s best to open this line of communication with your clients now; don’t wait!

2. Be like the airlines: Start advertising some awesome deals.

In times of doubt, discounted sales are surely better than no sales at all. If you’re seeing your numbers drop significantly, then consider thinking up some irresistible sales and promotions that your clients can purchase now and cash in later.

Your clients may be tempted to try a new service or rebook services that they’ve loved before if they can secure them at an attractive price. Get creative and look to the future when things have settled down and clients can come back in for some awesome treatments. It’s revenue for you now and an exciting incentive for your clients.

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