Picture this. You decide to take a well-deserved day off from work, and decide that the best way to relax on your day off is an equally deserved spa day. So you’re in the spa, and find yourself needing a drink for the perfect relaxing experience.

The waiter hands you a menu, and to no surprise, offers a whole page of drinks to choose from. Which do you choose? More importantly, how do you choose?

People go to the spa for two possible reasons: to relax and rejuvenate, or to simply enjoy and have fun with their friends. Many spas offer different drinks, and quite a lot of them have their own specialty drinks. Ultimately, it all boils down to what you want in a spa.

This article gives you a short and general list of the things you’d want to try drinking at a spa. Keep in mind that some of these drinks might not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot!

1.    Tea

Tea, though most commonly known to be the drink of the British, is a beverage originating from the Orient. It is made from dried and fermented leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. However, another type of tea, known as floral teas, is also a tasteful beverage made in the same manner.

Real tea leaves made from C. sinensis contain caffeine, while floral teas like jasmine, chamomile, hibiscus, peppermint, and more only have low levels of caffeine. Floral teas are more commonly consumed for their other benefits, such as relaxants, energizers, and more.

Having tea in a spa is great, especially since it can be infused with milk, sugar, or made into a cold drink. Teas are easy to adjust to fit how you want to enjoy your spa day, which is why it’s a must-have drink in the spa!

2.   Infused Water

Infused water, or better known as fruit-infused water, is a beverage much like tea. However, infused water makes use of fruits themselves, as well as a mixture of other herbs and vegetables.

Infused water is simply a fancy way of getting all the benefits of drinking a nice, cool glass of water. It helps prevent dehydration, especially exposed to high temperatures, generally contains less sugar and calories than other drinks, and contains vitamins and nutrients.

Drinking infused water in a spa is great especially when your goal is to rejuvenate for a well-deserved break. Keeping yourself hydrated provides long-term benefits, and is especially helpful in managing headaches from stress. Adding a touch of sweetness to water will surely help you enjoy your spa trip more!

3.   Champagne

Champagne is basically sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wines are champagne! It refers to a drink specifically made in a region in France, but the term is still used to some extent on white or rose wines with effervescence.

Champagne is an alcoholic drink, but its alcoholic content is usually not as great as red wine (depending on production). This fizzy drink will eventually give the same effects as any alcoholic drink, but it will take more glasses to do so as compared to red wine

Having a glass or two of champagne in the spa is not a terrible idea, especially when your goal is to simply have a relaxing time. It can aid you in getting a good nap, or simply just to help your body relax and enjoy the refreshing environment of the spa.

4.   Coffee

Coffee is another plant-based beverage, and is made from steeping roasted beans from a coffee plant. It contains a compound called caffeine which has an excitatory action – meaning it can help you feel energized and alert.

According to Cuppabean, coffee acts as an antidepressant that boosts your mood. It also has several other benefits for your health, such as a  reliever for certain heart-rhythm abnormalities, reducer of risk for some cancers, and more!

Drinking a cup of coffee in the spa helps with not only a much-needed energy boost, but also a mood boost! If you’re the type to enjoy the full amenities of the spa, then you’d want to be awake for the most part of the day! Your coffee can also be easily adjusted to match how you like it, just let the staff know!

5.   Cocktails

Cocktails are alcoholic drinks that have been mixed together with each other or with other non-alcoholic drinks, added with some fruits, herbs, or vegetables. Oftentimes, cocktails taste sweet, and it is often hard to determine whether the drink has any alcohol at all.

Because cocktails are made from stronger spirits, their servings are almost always smaller than a glass of wine or champagne. Depending on the mix, they might be able to intoxicate you with just a glass or two, though one should be enough to get you relaxed.

Cocktails are not an uncommon drink to have in a spa, as most spas or hotels will even have cocktails on their menus. It’s perfect if you want to feel that drowsiness from alcohol in a sweet drink, as most of them are catered to have a fruity taste.

6.   Sangria

Sangria is another alcoholic beverage hailing from Spain or Portugal. Since it is a mixed drink, its color varies on the wine used, which is either red or white wine. Typically, sangrias are just wines with added sweeteners, which can be fruits, honey, or other sweetened drinks.

The base drink of Sangria is wine, which contains alcohol. Alcohol, in moderation, is known to boost moods, increase your body’s cholesterol, as well as lessen the chances of in vivo clot formation.

Having a sangria in the spa can be very relaxing, especially when it is ice cold. If you’re the type to snack on something while drinking alcohol, you can find a healthy pair for the deliciously sweet drink in your hand.

7.   Smoothies

Smoothies are made from real fruit, which is blended with several other ingredients to make a thick, fruity drink. It can contain other sweeteners or flavor complements, like lemon, honey, or even milk.

Ordering a glass of a fruit smoothie from the spa will help you feel refreshed. Aside from being another source of fruit or vegetable, smoothies can help ease up bowel movement simply by the increase in fiber intake.

Obviously, these aren’t the only drinks you can and should try while having a spa day. And as mentioned above, not all drinks are going to meet everyone’s standards. You should always go for what makes you most comfortable when making a choice is too difficult. However, never be scared to explore what’s beyond your comfort zone!