Your long-awaited Sunday is here. Spend it well by investing in spa therapy. We tell you why.

An hour-long session at our favourite spa is one of the few activities that we associate with relaxation and self-pampering. And Sunday is the best day for self indulgence, isn’t it? While it comes to opting for a particular therapy, a spa menu actually spoils us for choice. It has something for every part of your body starting from head to toes. You can choose from a wide array of exotic skin treatments and intensive massage sessions, depending on your requirement. No matter what you choose, the benefits of a spa therapy are manifold. Starting from stress alleviation and pain management to helping you look younger, you get it all from this therapy. Here, we sum up a few of them for you. Happy pampering!

Increases blood circulation
A gentle spa massage manipulates your soft tissues and increases the secretion of chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin. These chemicals are released as a part of the relaxation response and they result in improved blood and lymph circulation.

De-stresses your mind and body
A massage includes safe touch that invites your body to relax. During a spa massage session, the muscles of your entire body experience measured pressure that leads to a state of relaxation. Your blood pressure comes down and breathing rate becomes slow and production of stress hormones decreases. Also, it increases the secretion of the chemical serotonin that positively influences brain chemistry and eases muscle tension. A massage therapy allows your troubling thoughts to drift away helping you to shift to a more meditative state. This state of mind is known to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. You can opt for massage therapy with essential oils such as lavender and rose. Lavender oil has amazing relaxation qualities and a refreshing scent too. This natural ingredient also promotes the health of your skin due to its antiseptic properties that fight bacteria. In fact, rubbing a little lavender essential oil on your feet can also de-stress your whole body. Apart from lavender, there are a number of other aromatic options including cinnamon leaf oil, cedarwood oil, lime essential oil and eucalyptus oil which have similar effects. Therapeutic massages with these essential oils are effective in alleviating muscular tension. Bonus: Your immunity also gets a boost. As your stress hormones go down, the count of your white blood cells goes up. They are crucial parts of your immune system.

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