SMO Caption: When you lose your way, you check Google Maps to get back on track. When you need answers to any specific question, you search for answers on Google’s search engine. Whether it is a smartphone or a smart speaker, Google is a name that rings through every household these days. When Google is doing everything that it can to make your lives better, why would you stick to Yahoo Mail?

Which one is the better email service provider; Gmail or Yahoo Mail? If an argument originates from this question, then it will inevitably turn into a heated one within moments. This topic will tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of both. As an entrepreneur, you have to decide which one is better. According to reports and observations, more than 80% of entrepreneurs think that Gmail is better than Yahoo Mail. So, what makes the former better than the latter?

Google offers several free web-based tools and services to its users and Gmail is one of them. It’s quite similar to almost every other email services such as Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Mail.

Previously, creating a free account on such emailing platforms made entrepreneurs look unprofessional. However, Gmail created all the differences when it comes to an entrepreneur’s idea especially spa industry people. It is the only reason why hundreds and thousands of small spa business owners switched to Gmail as an email service provider.

Gmail provides several features including;

  • 15 GB of email storage entirely free of charge
  • Proficient filtering of spam emails and protection from viruses
  • Inbuilt chatting options
  • Accessibility to email through mobile devices
  • It has customizable tabs to help users organize their inbox
  • Video calling option
  • Several themes to change the appearance
  • Viewing attachments within the email before downloading
  • Money transferring systems

Even the free version of Gmail makes advertisements appear on the right and not within the email. Hence, it is highly unobtrusive.

Now, the definition of an entrepreneur is a person who starts one spa or several while taking financial risks in the hopes of making profits. If your small business ideas require you to send and receive professional emails, then Gmail is indeed one of the best platforms to use.

You may be wondering why you should bother shifting to Gmail when your Yahoo Mail account is serving you well enough. This topic will set a battleground where the war of gmail vs yahoo will disclose the pros and cons of yahoo/gmail.

IM and Email integration

The first round’s trinkets will surely end up in the bag of Gmail because it allows you to send messages instantly to your contacts that are online swiftly and easily. Instant Messaging or IM is a perk that Yahoo possesses as well, but it isn’t as accessible as the one within Gmail.

Whether you are a tech entrepreneur or anything else, you will appreciate this system when you have to reach your clients as early as possible. Yahoo’s IM service is separate from its email service.

It means that you can’t send quick chat messages in an email format to your clients on Yahoo. Instead, you would have to open a new chat tab. When fast answering is a necessity, you can’t rely on Yahoo.

Attachment flexibility

The second round also goes to Gmail because the fight is about mail attachments. Do you want to be the Best tech entrepreneur in your area? If so, then you should consider shifting from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. You should learn marketing ideas to grow more.

Once you finish writing the message of the email, you can attach as many files as you need and send it quickly. Your business ideas will flourish as experts believe that email services with excellent features provide the key to success. If you stick to Yahoo, then you will have to go to an entirely different screen to put up attachments.

The worst part is that you can put up only five attachments. If you have to send more, then you have to add more attachment boxes first. Gmail doesn’t have such hassles in store for you. You can send as many attachments as you require without worrying about the quantity.

Organizing folders

Are you thinking who will win the third round of this skirmish? Well, you don’t even need to bother about it as Gmail trumps over Yahoo Mail again. Folder creation and organization is another perk of Gmail that outshines Yahoo Mail.

Now, a business can’t get more clients if the business owner doesn’t declare his/her presence. In that respect, Gmail is perfect for Email Marketing. Nevertheless, the discussion was about folder creation and organization. Gmail allows you to label folders and keep them all in the same area.

Naturally, dealing with a large number of folders can become challenging. Despite landing a few good blows, Gmail couldn’t register a hat-trick because Yahoo also has the folder-labeling feature. It also allows you to organize folders the way you want to enhance the mailing system. It is suitable for those who need to create many folders while making accessibility easier.

Attachment size

As a business owner, you will require marketing services sooner rather than later. Web development firms provide email marketing services along with digital marketing services. Of course, it would be better to return to the matter at hand. The fourth round goes to Gmail again as its free version lets you attach files up to 20 MB. On the other hand, if you use Yahoo Mail, then you can’t send files larger than 10 MB.

Brand name and value

Everyone all over the world knows the name of Google. The brand is one of the most popular when it comes to internet services. Gmail is also much more professional than Yahoo Mail as already mentioned earlier. That is why more than 80% of entrepreneurs sing praises of Gmail. So, if you are still using Yahoo Mail, then you will remain a step behind your competitors who prefer Gmail.

The winner

If you read this topic from the beginning, then you probably know the winner of this series of bouts. Top mobile app development companies always prefer Gmail because it’s accessibility is extremely important and useful to business owners such as you. You know all the advantages it has over Yahoo Mail. Therefore, now is the best time to shift to Gmail and enhance your connectivity with clients.