Hi friends,

There are a lot of good software packages to choose from and you’re probably using one of them now. Once in a while, a GREAT idea comes up and our friends and Sponsor ProSolutions Software just came up with a game changer. When you find out more about PAIRED, you’re going to love how easy it is to operate and how much more efficient your operation will be (business or individual)…


  • Push notifications!  A better option than the old-fashioned texting options.  Notifications are such a familiar technology for mobile users…along with in-app messaging, it’s fantastic for the ease of use for you 
  • and your employees and clients!
  • The staff app is really cool!  Your employees are able to see their daily appointments and numbers in real time.  A great tool for managing and increasing business.
  • You have the ability to personalize your app with your logo, branded colors and other images!  The app is available to your clients in the app stores in YOUR business name.  How cool!

Paired includes the ability for your clients to purchase retail products as well as gift cards directly from their online store.  The app allows you to feature a promotion on specific products or scan gift cards directly from the customer’s phone.  

The ability to book directly through the app makes the process easier to navigate to clients.  Cutting out any potential confusion could be a major factor in not only getting new clients, but also retaining them.  If they like the experience and think it is “easy”…they’ll remember how pleasant it was and will be likely to come back again.

There are many more great features and reasons to check out Paired for your spa and salon business!  We suggest you go take a look for yourself…especially since they are running a great promotion!  Here are the details:

You can switch for FREE, and ProSolutions will beat your current rates! (minimum of $39/mo…)  

Click here for more details and to take advantage of the promotion!