Hi friends,  Allan Share from the Spa Industry Association. We have over 66,000 members across the globe who are active with us and I love to share great experiences when it happens and today it is all about Acupuncture.

I have a pain in my neck, lol, and no, it is not the people I live with. Two weeks ago, I woke up and one of the tendons that runs down the back of my head into my neck was stuck. I could not turn my head to the left. I went to see Dr. Tim Lind at Tatum Wellness who is my wonderful Chiropractor in Cave Creek Arizona and after three visits it was 80% unstuck, but the rest of the stuck-ness would not release or move.

Doctor Lind told me their office had an Acupuncturist starting the following Monday and I immediately signed up, becoming the very first client to visit Olivia! I went to go see her the following Monday morning and immediately hit it off, as she loves tea and once owned a tea shop (my wife is a HUGE tea fan). After doing six pages of intake forms, I laid on her table and the process began… 

Acupuncture is the real deal!

Obviously I am not a trained Acupuncturist, although I think I once played one on TV. This is a real degree earned through schooling and is not part of woo-woo medicine. Here is an article you can read about the short history of acupuncture. Needles are very interesting, they can be short or long, are super sharp, and generally go in with only a very tiny prick feeling. Even though the pain was felt in the back of my neck and head area, needles were also inserted in my ears, upper back, legs  and toes.

One needs to understand a little bit about Acupuncture and know that there are meridians or lines of energy that run through the entire body which interconnect throughout. I was face down on the table and this was a 20-minute session with Olivia coming in after 10 minutes  to check on me and make sure I was fine. We did laugh about the fact that I call it an Acu-nap because getting acupuncture is so relaxing that I almost treated it as a nap.

It’s now two days since I had my treatment and I feel my neck is 95% or greater back to normal. I don’t think it’s amazing anymore although reading this you may think it is. I have had Acupuncture treatments since I was 20 years old and have always found it helpful for me in my physical well-being. Olivia finished up the treatment using some cupping techniques, another good adjunct part of Acupuncture. We will cover a history of that later!

Have you ever heard the expression used in medicine “live with the pain?” I’m not very good at that and as a self-diagnosed A.D.D. I am super active about my own healthcare and take very aggressive measures to fix anything that does not feel right in my body. For this issue, Acupuncture was a winner. 

If you live in my area, look up Dr. Tim Lind and go visit Olivia, it is quite an amazing experience with tons of efficacy. 

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