Top performing spas and resorts take advantage of the luxury travel clothing brand’s wholesale incentive.

We’ve mentioned our recent partnership with Anatomie, the number one selling retail brand in premiere spas and resorts around the world. Their unique high-performance apparel is loved by customers, but also by retailers who are offered a margin builder initiative with the brand’s Essentials Program.

Here’s how it works: Anatomie carries a core assortment of bestselling styles season after season. They include pants, tops and jackets in the brand’s signature European fabrics—lightweight, comfortable, figure-flattering, and easy to care for. These are styles that often sell out because of high customer demand. Retailers are given the opportunity to buy in bulk at wholesale prices and get an extra item of clothing for free.

So purchase 12 pairs of essential pants (including popular styles like the Skyler, Kate and Susan) and you get 1 pair of pants for free.

Purchase 12 tops (including favorites such as the Buda Mesh Top, Isadora Tank and Tatiana Tank) and you get 1 top for free.

Purchase 8 jackets (the Merika Windbreaker and the City Slick Jacket are on that list) and you get 1 jacket for free.

There’s no obligation to buy all three categories. You can purchase just 12 pairs of essential pants and get 1 pant for free or purchase just 8 jackets and get 1 jacket for free. An extra item to sell at retail price or let a staff member or manager wear —at no cost to you.

There are a few small stipulations. Each order must ship in one delivery window, to one retailer. Additionally, you are limited to six units of a color per style. Otherwise, feel free to mix and match styles within a category as you see fit.

Retailers who have participated in Anatomie’s Essentials Program are seeing considerable results to their bottom line. “Our highest performing accounts are on the Essentials Program,” says Anatomie CEO Kate Boyer. “They double their sales when they sign up for the program.”

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Additionally, retailers are offered a customized incentive. After purchasing a certain quantity, they get another free piece of clothing or cash back.

Anatomie will have a booth at the upcoming ISPA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas and you can find out more about them at

If you’re interested in learning more about the Essentials Program, please contact:

Kate Boyer
305-576- 1900