One of the industries that has suffered a significant blow during the pandemic is the beauty industry. Giving massages, providing various beauty treatments, spinal adjustments, and other procedures aren’t possible without touching your clients. For this reason, many beauty professionals have been worrying about the impact the need for physical distancing will have on their business. There is no doubt that the beauty industry will have to and already has gone through some changes. For instance, cleanliness standards have increased drastically, which can only be a good thing. But there are other practices for your wellness and spa during the Covid-19 crisis you should implement.

Amid all the changes, one thing is sure to remain the same. People will always want to feel good, and they will continue wanting and needing spa and wellness services. Sure, various beauty treatments aim to enhance the beauty and provide relaxation. However, they are much more than that. They are a much-needed confidence boost and an escape from our everyday hassle. Therefore, if you are worried about your business, you may not have to be if you introduce additional safety and sanitation measures. 

Maintain physical distancing

Keeping the distance has been the number one measure in an attempt to keep the spread of the virus at bay. However, in the spa and wellness industry, where a personal touch is impossible to avoid, this is harder to implement. Nevertheless, there are ways to make things work.


In your relaxation areas and all other premises where there are multiple guests simultaneously, physical distancing is essential. It would be best to rearrange your seating setup so you abide by the 6-feet distance rule. If there are any pillows or blankets you can’t sanitize after every use, consider removing them. 

Moreover, limiting the number of guests in a specific facility is necessary to maintain the distance. It will also allow you to monitor the situation. For example, you can use every third locker in the locker rooms. If possible, it would be smart to implement a one-way circulation. That way, the flow of the guests can be managed and monitored more easily.

In the gym or any other area where there are multiple guests, placing Plexiglas walls between the machines and seats is highly advisable to maximize safety and hinder the spread of the viruses. 

Some spa and wellness centers may see the need to move to a new location to be able to follow these measures and provide the safest service possible to their guests. If this is the case for you, remember to sanitize everything you need to transfer to new premises before and after the move, for your and movers’ safety. 


Taking a break should take a bit more planning now. Staff members should take their breaks at different times. If some of them do have a break together, they should always be the same people. 

Whenever possible, physical contact should be avoided. For instance, they shouldn’t touch guests’ personal items. There will be more on this later in the text.

Sanitation practices for your wellness and spa during the covid-19 crisis

Safety and sanitation have always been crucial for spa and wellness centers. Now, the standards must be even higher. 


Used towels and linen must go to a specially designated area immediately after use. The staff must instruct guests on this clearly. Hand dryers and other devices the guests can use are best left turned off. It may be inconvenient, but safety is paramount here. 

If there is a gym, along with limiting the number of people who can occupy it, instruct the visitors how to disinfect the equipment after they have finished using it. We are all in this together, and such practice will not fall on deaf ears, and there will be no misunderstandings if you and your staff take the time to explain everything adequately. To facilitate this, you should place disinfectants and wipes next to each piece of equipment. 

In addition to these practices, the staff should clean these premises hourly. 


If there is any possibility, staff members should not share work stations. Before and after the shift, they should thoroughly clean and disinfect their stations. It would be a good idea to provide training on properly sanitizing surfaces and equipment. Also, providing disinfectants and other cleaning supplies is necessary. 

Safety measures for everyone’s protection

As in all other closed places, wearing a mask is an absolute must, both for the staff and guests. Provide enough disposable masks so that they can change them every four hours. Moreover, manicurists, hairdressers, masseuses, and other employees who must work in close proximity to the guests should also have face shield masks. 

In addition to hand sanitizers and other disinfectants, provide your employees with textile disinfectants for their uniforms. It may also be a good idea to provide them with an additional uniform should they feel the need to change mid-shift. 

Finally, whenever possible, wearing gloves is also necessary. 

Eliminate contact whenever possible

Although many services you provide will require you to be closer to your clients than six feet, you can implement some changes that will minimize the risk of infection. The best way to do so is to eliminate all unnecessary contact. 

  1. Introduce virtual check-in. This will eliminate the waiting room. Also, if there are any forms clients need to fulfill, they can do it online. That way, they will not have to share pens, clipboards, or tablets. Clients already must book their appointments in advance in most spa centers. Plan more carefully so that different clients don’t coincide at the same place at the same time. 
  2. Implement contactless payment. Using credit cards already minimizes contact. However, if you encourage your clients to pay for the services online while booking their appointments, for example, safety will increase even more. 
  3. Online shop. If you sell products at your premises, switch to an online shop. 

Final thought

It appears that minimizing contact is one of the best practices for your wellness and spa during the covid-19 crisis. You will have realized by not that you yourself have appreciated others doing all they can to reduce the risks of infection. For instance, when you booked My Brooks Moving for your relocation to the new location, you were glad to see their efforts in trying to keep the distance and avoid contact when possible. Your guests will, too. Just keep a positive attitude and show that you care about their and your staff’s safety and wellbeing.