A booking plugin can make your life easier if you are running a spa business. Not only can you efficiently manage bookings from your end, but everything becomes easier for the customers as well. They can make reservations and payments in a few clicks or leave feedback, and you get to keep all the data for later use to improve customer experience. Let’s see what some of the best WordPress plugins for spa booking are and why you should use them for your business!

How to recognize quality WordPress plugins for spa booking?

If you are ready to pay for a spa booking plugin, make sure you know where your money goes. The vast number of plugins to choose from only makes it more challenging. Nevertheless, there is a way to tell if a plugin is good or not.

First, you need a responsive plugin. Customers need the option to choose from which device they want to access your website. If the plugin does not support mobile, it has no value to you.

Secondly, think about the customization. You want a plugin that will help you to attract new customers and retain new ones. If you can make a fully customizable experience that will make everything easy, not only for the customers but also for spa workers, the plugin is worth the money.

Next, the plugin needs to be well integrated with the rest of the website. That means it needs to support other plugins, like WooCommerce. Also, it needs to work well with Google Calendar. If the plugin has good features but does not integrate well with other elements on your website, you should look for something else.

When it comes to customer service and customer experience, you want flexible payment options. You need to focus on a plugin that allows you to enable online payments, use different payment gateways, and manage multiple currencies.

Finally, a plugin without an analytics section is not a smart buy. You need reports to pull data about the habits of your customers. While a spa booking plugin is there to make it easier for the customers to book services, it also needs to help you improve the customer experience.

Salon Booking WordPress Plugin

This handy plugin is well designed and has a fully responsive, easy-to-use form. Customers can quickly pick the desired date and book their service in just a few seconds. The calendar covers daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling. There is also the back-end section where you can check booking status or customize the form. You can change colors, add different functionalities like employee schedules, vacation days, set the price, timetable rules, and many other things.

When it comes to customer experience, you can enable online payment and send SMS notifications about bookings, special promotion deals, and so on.

Everything considered, the price of $34 does not sound like a lot to pay, especially since you get to run your entire business out of this plugin.

Bookly booking plugin

Another one on the list of the best WordPress plugins for spa booking is the Bookly booking plugin. The price of $59 is slightly higher, but the plugin is optimized for touchscreens so that customers can use it on any device.

There is also a convenient feature for group bookings that makes it possible to book multiple people simultaneously. This is a nice feature if your customers are other companies.

You can add any number of employees and assign positions, define schedules, time-off days, and all the good stuff. The default form is ready for use, but you can also fully customize it. Payments support over 50 currencies, and you can also use SMS notifications.

You will quickly understand that this plugin is a life-saver. Furthermore, with the help of WP Full Care, managing not only bookings but the entire website becomes much easier, and it leaves you more time to take care of your customers without thinking about technicalities.

Easy Appointments

The reason why you want to consider this spa booking WordPress plugin is that it is a free one. Nevertheless, it still offers an array of fantastic features:

  • fully customizable calendar;
  • employee management;
  • service management;
  • customer communication;

You can even add custom admin e-mails and personalize the experience for your customers. This flexible solution is everything you need to run a business smoothly.


If you are looking for professional WordPress plugins for spa booking, Amelia is the solution you need. It offers a smooth experience both for employees and customers. The setup part takes only a few minutes, and it is ready to use.

The reason why you need to consider installing Amelia is that it allows you to fully automate online bookings. It has an abundance of features, and all are made available with a single license. For the price of $59, you will purchase a one-year license for your spa business, technical support, and updates. That package includes a single domain. However, you can also buy a package with three domains or one with an unlimited number. That makes this app perfect for everyone, a single company, growing small businesses, or even large spa brands.

If you are managing a large business, think about hiring experts to keep your website running. That’s not always necessary, but professionals handling your WP website’s maintenance can make your life easier. If anything happens with the website, you want the problem fixed immediately.

A good booking app can make or break your spa business

And there you have it. Just how a good booking app can significantly improve customer experience, a bad one can harm your business and make you lose customers. Be very picky, and know exactly what you need before you make a purchase. Your clients need a smooth and experience; the booking should be a quick and easy step, not a complex process.