Building Your Spa’s Online Presence

You have a website and that’s helping new customers find your spa. Isn’t it great when all the

Internet stars are aligned and drive new business to you? Unfortunately, this cosmic alignment

doesn’t happen often enough, and many spa owners discover they cannot solely rely on their

website to attract new clientele.

Establishing a strong online presence has become crucial in the success of many businesses.

That’s why it’s helpful to take stock of the components that contribute to defining your spa’s

online identity, from your logo to the quality of your services, technicians and treatments to the

names of the products you sell.

Here are 5 ways to establish and build your spa’s online brand:

1. Create a blog or video blog (vlog) for your website.

Become a resource for specialized information; review trends, techniques or products; or write

tutorials for home beauty treatments. Not only is this a great way to showcase your talent, but

it’s another way to give potential clients a preview of what to expect during their visit.

2. Ask for customer reviews.

Reviews are incredibly important and can have a tremendous impact on your business’s

success. According to Etailing Group results published on, 92% of users read

Internet reviews. With numbers like that, it’s worth encouraging customers to review your

services and treatments.

3. Use Online Directories 

Online directories allow users to search for local businesses based on what they offer. Sites like

Yelp, SpaFinder, and Citysearch are the first places many prospective clients will look for a new

spa. If your spa is listed there, you’ll have a better chance of showing up in search results.

4. Get Social!

Merely having a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account for your spa isn’t enough — you need

to develop your audience on them, too. It takes time and attention, but these outlets can help

you increase your influence with current and potential clients.

5. Go Mobile.

Today, 79% of mobile phone owners use those devices for local searches. Is your website

mobile optimized, meaning it’s built to display well on smartphones and tablets? If not, you may

want to reconsider. Not having a mobile-optimized website is the equivalent of closing your spa

one day each week. Having your own mobile app can also help solve this issue for you and

give your clients a convenient way to make appointments on-the-go.

To Recap

For many customers, the first introduction to your spa will happen online, which is why it’s

important to make the first impression a good one. Simplifying the way customers discover and

engage with your business can impact your success, as well as irreversibly shape the

perception of your spa. These are just a few effective approaches that will help you build and

expand your online presence.

Tanisha George, Director of Vertical Markets