Stones and Crystals to Support Transformation and Growth

by Jessica Hoch March 20, 2019

Whether a complete surprise or a long thought out transition, change is always going to be there. When we are in these times of transformation and transition it’s good to surround ourselves with the most support energy we can. This often times can include the energy of certain stones and crystals.

Moss Agate – Moss Agates are a stone of new beginnings and positivity. They are also a stone of attraction energy. So if there is something you are looking to manifest this would be a great one. Agates are also a symbol of strength and protection.

Chrysocolla – Chrysocolla is a stone of communication and inner truth. It helps one to express themselves clearly and with compassion and intention. This stone can also be used to relieve symptoms of low self-esteem.

Botswana Agate – Botswana Agate is known as the stone of change. It helps one to see the positive in the ebbs and flows of your day to day. Like all other agates it is also a stone of strength and protection. 

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M.A.D. Skincare Environmental Detox Mask wins les nouvelles esthetiques & Spa Best Product 2019

The environment’s more damaging to skin than ever before. Pollution, stress and poor diet contribute to premature aging. Your skin needs a shield to protect against these environmental aggressors. What to do?
Protect and nourish your skin with this rich botanical mask for a healthy look that will last.  M.A.D.’s Pollution Defense Peptide enhances the function of skin to help eliminate toxins and minimize damaging effects of physical and emotional stress. CELLDETOX® noticeably smooths facial lines and illuminates skin complexion, reduces the visible signs of age and restores natural radiance to intoxicated and tired skin. Read more about ingredients and benefits of this winner: Environmental Detox Mask .  Read about M.A.D. Skincare’s entire Environmental Line and how you can help protect client’s skin against the environment.

Does not contain parabens or chemical colorants.

Londontown: Prep and Prime the Look

The importance of a top coat is stressed to lock in and protect a manicure. What isn’t a popular topic – is the necessity for a base coat.

Base coats are imperative when applying nail polish because of the endless benefits. Preventing and lessening stains, extending color wear, and strengthening nails are among the top reasons to never skip this step.

Londontown’s Gel Genius Base Coat provides a nourishing foundation that adheres to lakur to prolong the life of any manicure. This base coat forms a strong barrier to prevent breakage while hydrating nails.

Backed by science, proven by research: Hope Science

At Hope Science they believe that at the very core of medicine should be hope. People with health challenges always hope to get better, but need scientifically proven products, hence their name: Hope Science. Read what Yvonne had to say…

I have been in chronic pain since 2012 after having Shingles. Under the care of many doctors (specialists), 22 in only 6 months, I was taking (for 5 and a half years) seizure meds and high dose pain medicine, plus pain clinic care for approximately 2 years. Too many other professionals to mention. Too many other compounded pain creams to even remember, and absolutely useless for me. My husband met someone who offered us another topical cream- it is a FANTASTIC find for me! I am spreading the find! I cannot thank Hope Science enough for this product!”


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