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Embracing Technology in the Spa and Wellness Industry

The original premise in writing the article was (wo)man vs machine, the reality of this new high-tech world has mandated we embrace technology and seek ways to grow together. There is a multi-layer benefit for Spa and Wellness locations to incorporate technology to enhance customer service at the same time elevating the overall experience. Millennials, now the largest population, are demanding more technology while Baby Boomers, as well as Gen X clients, are seeking ways to disconnect. Spa and Wellness will to have to find a balance between the groups.

The hospitality industry including the majority of hotels, airlines, rental car companies, as well as, Spas have utilized the concept of online booking systems. Companies benefit from the systems by the fact it reduces the number of customer service agents required and it allows customers to book appointments at all times of the day or night.  A majority of spa, according to ISPA 2016 report, “74% of Day Spa” have some sort of online booking system. This is just the first step in enhancing technology. If your location doesn’t currently use an online system, there are numerous options from basic programs like MindBody to all-encompassing systems such as ResortSuite.  The information can be taken further and used to create Customer Relationship Management programs (CRM); which allows for the customization and personalization of interactions and services. The Spa and Wellness industry have full insight into their clients lives with the use of a thorough intake form.

The next area in Spa and Wellness to utilize the available technology includes retail products, client information, and finally pre-visit experiences. Technology tools for the first two have been around for a while, it is the third piece, the pre-client visit is newer to the industry. At the forefront of this concept is Virtual reality, which has come a long way since inception. Hotels including Marriott International have started to use the technology to allow guest to visit property and amenity spaces from the comfort of their homes.

One of the major concerns/barriers of new clients is the ability to see the location or space prior to the visit, intangibility. The use of Virtual Reality (VR) can reduce this issue, by allowing new clients the opportunity to take a tour of the location, meet the staff, and review of the menu of services all from the website. Some locations are taking the concept of VR even further. The September issue of Skin Inc. Magazine featured an article on VR usage in the treatment room to improve the guest experiences. In this instance, clients were given VR goggles to enhance the sensation of service. There is also high-tech equipment for facial services.

Technology can also be used to combat one of the biggest health issues of the next century – loneliness. The Global Wellness Report states “60% of the world’s population will live alone by the year 2020.” The General Social Survey found that the number of Americans with no close friends has tripled since 1985. A recent Fast Company article regarding job automation stated health-care careers were safe from elimination. The advancements in technology have companies creating robots as companions as well as health care providers, particularly for the elderly. I believe Spas and Wellness centers have the ability to turn the tides on the looming epidemic of loneliness, as a place for people to come together. Spas and Wellness spaces can be a connector, places of loving and learning. As Baby Boomers, who continue to control wealth, age there is an expected demand for connections and graceful aging options outside of technology. Owners, as well as managers, need to be prepared to embrace technology at the same time holding the hand of and being present the elders.

Sherrie Tennessee, CHE, Doctoral Candidate

Director of Education, SpaSOS

Author, How to Open a Day Spa:31-Day Guide


TW:  @the_spasos

Instagram: @thespasos

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