Backed by science, proven by research: Hope Science

At Hope Science they believe that at the very core of medicine should be hope. People with health challenges always hope to get better, but need scientifically proven products, hence their name: Hope Science. Read what Yvonne had to say…

I have been in chronic pain since 2012 after having Shingles. Under the care of many doctors (specialists), 22 in only 6 months, I was taking (for 5 and a half years) seizure meds and high dose pain medicine, plus pain clinic care for approximately 2 years. Too many other professionals to mention. Too many other compounded pain creams to even remember, and absolutely useless for me. My husband met someone who offered us another topical cream- it is a FANTASTIC find for me! I am spreading the find! I cannot thank Hope Science enough for this product!”


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LashesMD & M.A.D. Skincare Lavish Lips Special

What’s the most foolproof holiday face? One topped with long lashes & bright red lips!

Luckily California Skincare Supply has you covered with the M.A.D. Skincare and LashesMD “Long Lashes & Lavish Lips Special” this month – 3 lash serums and three different shades of red lipsticks, perfect for all skin tones. 

Get (3) LashesMD Eyelash & Brow Growth Serums; (1) Lavish Lips in Randy, (1) Lavish Lips in Flirty, and (1) Lavish Lips in Daunting for $120!

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M.A.D. Skincare Environmental Sale

It’s California Skincare Supply M.A.D. Skincare December Environmental Special! Studies have proven that today, the environment is more damaging to skin than ever before. Pollution, stress and poor diet contribute immensely to pre-mature aging.

Skin craves time and a superior cream, designed to distress, repair and protect against the damages caused by environmental factors.

Special includes:
-Environmental Destressing Night Cream
-Environmental Detox Mask

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The Nail Brand Fit For A Queen

If there was ever a nail polish brand that does it all, it’s Londontown. From a small-town flower garden in Radlett, England, to the top shelf in your medicine cabinet, Londontown has been making customers’ nails look better than ever with their hand-picked and mixed flower oils and botanicals, in an attempt to formulate the perfect, cruelty-free solution to dry, cracked and unhealthy nails and hands.

With the family’s multiple recipes varying from bright, bold and beautiful nail polish hues to recipes that restore, hydrate and promote length of nails, Londontown has taught us that when London’s calling, you better answer!

The nail polish!

Hues so vibrant and natural that even Kim K couldn’t say no! With close to 100 nail colors, Londontown’s no-chip, cruelty-free lacquer is winning the hearts of many of our most favorite celebrities! Londontown’s beautiful nail colors with botanical and oils found within lakurs create a unique and glamorous way to promote the health of your nails at only $16 a bottle. Yes, you could have your cake and it eat, too, Mary Antoinette!

The nail hardener & base coat!

One stroke is all it takes to make your nails not look dry, brittle, and unhealthy. By setting your base with Londontown’s kur Nail Hardener & Base Coat, the polish you apply on top will be bonded to your nail, extending its lifeline and protecting your nail against any oil build-up, not to mention it decreases the likelihood of any kinds of staining. Because this $18 hardener and base coat duo combines botanicals and mineral oils, the polish itself is vegan, cruelty-free and gluten free!

An assortment of top coats!

Because not everyone wants the same finish, Londontown created two different top coats that can either deliver protect the nails from any external factors that may be damaging or could help you maintain your nail color for up to two weeks, while providing an ultra-glossy finish. The latter option, is Londontown’s kur Gel Genius Top Coat, $20. This top coat provides the user with gel-like durability, while extending the lifespan of the nail polish without any harmful UV light. While providing a protective barrier to prevent any kind of breakage, the quick-dry formula is made intentionally for the sun to make nails stronger every time they are exposed.

On the left side, we have Londontown’s kur Protective Top Coat, $18. This vegan-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free solution helps protect the nail of any harmful external factors that could promote any kind of damage done to your nails by sealing in your manicure in with this no-chip coat. Because it extends the life of your nail polish and is healthy for your nails simultaneously, it’s not wonder so many people are adding this to their shopping carts (including us)!

Lacquer Remover.

It’s difficult to find a nail polish remover that doesn’t give your nails that dry, weak, and brittle look and feeling after switching up your nail color, while still effectively breaking down the pigmentation of your bold hues. This non-acetone formula does not contain any of the harmful chemicals that many nail polish removers have, such as formaldehyde, xylene, and camphor. With the formulation including botanicals and mineral oils to help strengthen nails, Londontown’s kur Strengthening Lacquer Remover is strong enough to take off the most stubborn glitter solutions at only $12.

Drying oil

Rushing to a dinner date or for your night out with your girls? We’ve been there. With Londontown’s kur Accelerating Drying Oil, $18, drying your nails and sealing in your chosen color is quick, easy and works in under minutes by drying all of the layers that you’ve applied.

Without any bubbles, smudges or creasing, the amazing drying oil is able to be applied with either a dropper or a brush, for your convenience!

The Instant Smudge Fix!

We guarantee you’ve been in the position of rushing somewhere or not being patient enough (who is, though?) after getting a manicure done and smudging the masterpiece within seconds! How annoying is it to have to take off every layer and reapply? Well, you could say goodbye to that pet-peeve because with Londontown’s kur Instant Smudge Fix, $14. Working within minutes, thin polish works on dry or wet nails without thinning out the color applied. For smudges, simply brush a thin layer onto your nail and allow to dry for about 10 seconds before applying your top coat. For dents, apply the same color to the nick, allowing 10 seconds to pass before applying the Instant Smudge Fix. Wait 10 more seconds, finish off with your choice of Londontown’s aforementioned top coats, and voila! you’re ready!

RevitaLash® Cosmetics’ NEW AquaBlur™ Hydrating Eye Gel & Primer

Hydrate, blur, and prime all-at-once with RevitaLash® Cosmetics’ NEW AquaBlur™ Hydrating Eye Gel & Primer. Infuse skin with immediate hydration to visibly plump and smooth, improving the appearance of aging. Blur imperfections and create the perfect canvas for makeup application while delivering key nutrients for beautifully quenched skin, with a conscience.

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My Little Sparkles–Style Delivered

Spa people are busy! We deliver Spa retail Pre Packaged Collections. Gorgeous, quality, merchandise. 100% Recycled gift boxes, displays. We provide them with everything they need to get selling right away. Making lives a little bit easier and producing an extra stream of revenue! Each collection plugs straight into their retail. Reorder is on Demand! No minimums, no commitments, no obligations. Simply, we deliver value so we get to stick around.

Each box contains a limited, curated collection. Simply keep the items you love (All?), or write a custom order, and send back the rest with the prepaid USPS label.

My Little Sparkles.  Style delivered right to your office!

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