The October 2018 digital edition of Candy Industry featured an article on Chuao Chocolatier  and Co-Founder Michael Antonorsi.

Chef Michael Antonorsi understands that in order to spread joy, you have to
feel it.

While he certainly feels joy now —and delivers it to chocolate lovers all
over the United States — the co-founder and culinary mind behind Carlsbad,
Calif.-based Chuao Chocolatier took years to get there.
Born to a Venezuelan father and a German mother, Antonorsi strove to
please his parents, but at first he didn’t know how.

“Parents love their children — they want the best for them,” Antonorsi said, settled in the pristine, contemporary meeting room at Chuao’s Carlsbad facility. “They
want to make sure they don’t fall into hardship. They pushed me, pushed me,
and I loved the challenge.”

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