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New wellness hospitality brand Civana has made its debut with the opening of its flagship resort, the Carefree Resort and Conference Center in Carefree, Arizona, US.

The resort features a combination of healthy dining, spa, movement and fitness classes, enrichment programmes and lectures, and is an adaptive re-use of an existing facility. The US$40m renovation incorporates a natural design palette and materials, and energy efficiency has been improved, including the introduction of solar energy in its new spa building. 

Civana is led by Kevin Kelly – who was former Canyon Ranch president and chief branding officer, and most recently was CEO and co-owner of California’s Two Bunch Palms. 

Joining Kelly is Larry Lamy, former VP of finance for Miraval and Canyon Ranch; and spa and wellness brand executive Rianna Riego, who assisted Kelly in the re-branding of Two Bunch Palms. Peter Smith, former COO of Canyon Ranch, is an advisor and senior board member of Civana. 

The company announced its formation and plans to transform Carefree in September 2017

“We believe most of us are on a personal journey towards health, life balance and wellbeing,” said Kelly. “Our mission is to bring that complete wellness experience to a larger travel audience at a more affordable price point. To deliver on this promise, CIVANA has assembled a best-in-class operating team from around the country who seek to be part of an authentic, mission-driven company.” 

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