5 Management Tips to Streamline Your Spa and Salon Business

So, you’ve finally got your dream job. Owning a spa/salon is one of those endeavors that may look like a relaxing affair, but it can have its fair share of difficulties. Certain things just aren’t running as smoothly as they should be. With the ongoing pandemic, all of these troubles continue to be magnified.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve your business to keep it tight and running efficiently. You don’t need to let people go, or close branches, or even cut people’s salaries. All you need is to restructure your business. From transforming your client’s skin using natural ingredients to implementing quality protocols, here are 5 tips you can use to streamline your business.

Focus on Client Retention

The lifeblood of self-care businesses such as salons and spas are returning clients. Familiarity is the name of the game here. Make your clients feel at home regardless of whether or not they’re old or new. Maintaining customer loyalty for a steady flow of income is the most lucrative option for most self-care businesses. Even if only a third of your clients return every month, that’s a guaranteed source of revenue over a long period. Having a constant presence in your business can make it look more inviting to new potential clients. Not only that, it makes the need for relying on walk-ins for profit not as crucial to success.

Incentivize Client Frequency

Getting clients to go into your business more often is key to making sure your revenue is consistent. Appointments, promos, and discounts should be done monthly for different services. You can do this via flyers around the block your business is in, posting on social media, or e-mailing long-time clients on newsletters.

Client frequency can be achieved in different ways. For attracting new clients consistently, having “new customer promos” can be a great way to incentivize walk-ins. For your returning clients, you can offer special treatments after a certain number of visits have been reached. This makes it exciting for the client to return in the future.

Improve Training Process

Providing a service requires a staff that is professional and skilled. While some of your staff can be naturals in their given roles, you will eventually have to face a newbie in the business. In such cases, your training program should be in-depth, efficient, and accessible. It hurts productivity to have unskilled workers on your team. Stylists should be able to have certifications in a variety of different niches.

The ideal learning environment is the business itself. Have a veteran staff member observe them as they work and guide them accordingly. It’s best to have staff that can perform at least two functions so that nobody is forced to do anything. For example, if there are no foot spas on a particular day, a pedicurist should also be able to double-time as a hairstylist if needed. This minimizes idle time and lessens boredom for both the worker and the customers. 

Use a Sophisticated Selling System

Productivity often takes a nosedive when there are no customers to service. Sure, they can get their hair cut, but when your other staff has nothing to do, it’s just downtime where nothing is gained. While you are cutting your client’s hair, give recommendations on the other services to entice them. This allows for a constant workflow in your business. Have a standardized selling system that each of your service staff can offer as they are working with a client. Clients are often relaxed when being serviced, and this makes them more open to accepting other services.

Your selling system should be able to address the different needs and wants of your client at any given time. Make sure that when you offer a service, it is a descending layer of connection to the service provided. For example, if they are getting a haircut, offer a hair dyeing service or a keratin treatment. If they refuse, that’s when you can offer your other services such as manicure and pedicure. You can consistently sell to your customers in this way. Not only that, each staff member can be guaranteed to work on someone at least once a day thanks to this system.

Run a Competitive Marketing Campaign

Your marketing needs to be able to keep pushing the business towards taller heights. A solid marketing plan allows for a consistent clientele that keeps your staff busy and profits flowing. Posting a few promos on your social media does not make a marketing campaign. You need to have a complete calendar of all the things you will be promoting throughout the fiscal year. Seasonal promos, on-site events, social media blasts, and the budget for all of these endeavors should be carefully prepared. Use software to manage finances and give the data an in-depth analysis. This will allow you to refine your marketing campaign even further. If you aren’t sharpening your marketing game, then you are likely to get outpaced by the competition.

Hot Tub Skin Formula from Medicine Springs

This skin-safe hot tub soak treats up to 400 gallons of water and is safe for your hot tub lining, jets, and filters, and is plumbing and septic system safe. With regular use, this product will last approximately three months in your hot tub.

The Medicine Springs Skin Formula was derived from the world-famous healing waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. This hot spring is sought out for healing a variety of skin sensitivities and conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.

This formula is gentle on the skin and does not contain bicarbonates (which can create a “tingly” sensation for sensitive skin). The minerals in this formula will help rejuvenate your skin and relieve dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

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Oak Haven Massage + Mindbody | A Mindbody Case Study

Oak Haven Massage is an innovator in the integrative health and wellness field and was one of the very first organisations to focus its services completely around massage. 

Before the first Oak Haven Massage location opened in San Antonio in 2005, customers had to visit a high-end spa or chiropractor’s office to get massage services. Today, Oak Haven has filled the niche for massage-centered offerings, with more than 90 treatment rooms across its four San Antonio and Austin locations.

In order to keep up with the brand’s rapid growth, and ensure that massage therapists and Oak Haven staff have adequate time to focus on customers while still supporting marketing and outreach, Co-Owner Allison Moreno turned to the Mindbody Marketing Suite.

Find out more about Mindbody and how it can benefit your business here

Spa Etiquette 101: How to Properly Cater To Your Customers’ Needs

For thousands of years, people have sought out the healing and rejuvenating experience of visiting a spa. Leaving the mad hustle and bustle of everyday life to relax and find peace can have a profoundly positive impact on an individual’s sense of well-being. This is probably—in part—why spas have existed successfully for so long. Plus, just about everyone enjoys feeling pampered.  

In 2021, there’s a massive spike in stress and anxiety levels. This is prompting people to seek out therapeutic experiences that help them feel lighter and less tense.  

The role of a spa employee carries a lot of responsibility. They need to ensure that clients receive the relaxation and relief that they came for. Many customers may come in with high expectations for the outcome of their experience. Staff members need to meet all of these expectations or exceed them if that customer is to return.  

Spa treatments can be very intimate and vulnerable experiences. That’s why it’s crucial for spa owners and employees to possess a keen grasp of spa etiquette. It’s essential that the utmost care and consideration for clients are always provided. 

If you want to care for your clients’ needs properly, you need to observe the following spa etiquette: 

Practice Excellent Hygiene And Cleanliness  

Impeccable hygiene has always been a core value of the spa industry, but the Coronavirus pandemic has pushed the need for extreme cleanliness even further.  

Spa customers need to feel completely safe from any harmful germs or bacteria that may get brought in from outside. Ensure that your practice adheres to every applicable sanitization requirement and provides cleaning services that sterilize all utensils, surfaces, towels, gowns, and more on a strict routine basis.  

All spa facilities require employees to interact with clients in some sort of physical way. Whether that’s massage, nail work, grooming, or otherwise, the hands of spa employees should always be clean, soft, warm, and sweet-smelling.  

Bad hygiene in any spa is bound to attract negative attention from both current and potential clients. Raise the bar for your spa or salon by ensuring everything is suitably sterile, sparkling, and safe for customers to enjoy.  

Prioritize Privacy And Comfortability   

For many people, a visit to the spa can cause mild anxiety. The close contact with a stranger, the silence, and partial nudity at times are all potential contributors to discomfort.  

It’s essential for spa employees to create a completely comfortable and respectful environment for each client’s individual needs and preferences. This will enable your clients to relax and experience the tranquility they came for fully.  

This means using slow, gentle movements and offering clear, continuous communication regarding treatment expectations. It’s also important to take any comments or preferences seriously, should a client speak up about discomfort of any kind.  

Customers should always get debriefed about the requirements of physical exposure for their treatment before it begins, especially those treatments that involve nudity to any degree. They should also be provided with alternatives wherever possible. Your aim is their ultimate comfort and relaxation.  

Check Your Client’s Medical Conditions  

Checking whether your customer has any medical conditions that a treatment may trigger plays a significant role in spa etiquette. Some people may have skin problems that make them sensitive to your products. Others may have injuries or disabilities that affect their mobility or put them at risk during a massage.  

The easiest way to ensure everyone feels comfortable and prevent an incident is to provide a mandatory fill-in sheet for completion before treatment. You can offer an electronic option for online bookings and keep hard copies on-hand for walk-ins.  

These sheets can ask all the right questions in one go. Doing so ensures that no customer enters a session without understanding the risks and that they know what the treatment entails. A protocol like this one protects both your business and your customers.  

Without it, you may unintentionally cause harm to a client who would be able to take legal action against you if they chose. Checking your client’s medical conditions beforehand is the respectful, safe, and smart thing to do.  

Consider Every Environmental Detail  

When you’re visiting a spa, you want to feel as though you’re being treated like royalty. Every little detail should contribute to your sense of pleasure, or at the very least, your sense of contentment.  

From fragrances to textures, spa employees need to curate the environment to the very best of their ability. Adding small but significant details to your spa can make a tremendous difference to the quality of your customer’s experience.  

  • Diffusers that release calming natural fragrances  
  • Gentle instrumental music playing in the background  
  • Heated towels and gowns  
  • Minimal clutter, movement, and noise 
  • Simple, beautiful artworks on the walls  
  • Warm, dim lighting  

Adding the above elements to your spa or salon can envelop the senses and give your customers a more complete and immersive experience.  

When we relax, we may become hypersensitive to the world around us. For this reason, it’s important to get this aspect of spa etiquette precisely right.  

Give Guests Your Undivided Attention  

At the end of the day, your customer’s spa experience should leave no gaps for frustration or dissatisfaction to arise. Their every need and desire must be anticipated, met, and fulfilled in seamless transition.  

Providing clients with the option of ordering a light snack, smoothie, water, tea, or coffee before, during, and after sessions can make them feel nourished and looked after. A good spa employee should regularly check in with their clients to find out what they can do to improve their experience.  

Adding free services such as an open library in the waiting room, fresh slippers and gowns after every massage, or complimentary drinks during pedicures are all great ways to cater to clients and make them feel pampered

Most people come to spas to escape the intensity of everyday life and to feel spoiled, even if it is just for an hour or two. Giving your clients your undivided attention will afford them that sense of escapism, and you’ll have upheld the reputation of excellent spa etiquette.  

The Best Spa Treatments to Help You Sleep Better

When it comes to staying healthy and recharging your “inner batteries,” sleep is one of the most important things you can do. While this is true, the CDC reports that about a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep. In fact, it has been designated a public health epidemic, with many people getting less than seven hours of sleep in any given 24-hour period. If you are not getting enough sleep, you may try different techniques. You could add supplements to your routine or look up Feng Shui tips to help. However, a great way to improve your sleep may be to invest in certain spa treatments. Some of the top treatments to improve your sleep are highlighted below. 


Many people do not know very much about acupuncture or its benefits. Most of the knowledge that people have about it and what it does is limited to stress alleviation and pain relief. Also, the idea of being stuck with sharp needles to improve your sleep doesn’t seem “right.” However, acupuncture helps to stimulate melatonin production, which is essential for anyone who suffers from any type of sleeping disorder. That’s because melatonin is the hormone that controls your sleep cycles. Some studies have also shown that acupuncture will help manage cases of sleep apnea because it helps to strengthen your tongue and keep it from dropping back in your mouth at night, blocking your airway. What’s even better is that acupuncture doesn’t just help with sleep. It can also help reduce allergy symptoms, stimulate blood flow, treat migraines, alleviate pain, boost fertility, and much more. 


With a deep tissue massage, you can get better sleep at night. That’s because this type of massage helps to release serotonin. However, when an essential oil is added, like lavender, it will help further improve the sleep you get. You may wonder why this is the case. Lavender is a quality oil that helps to promote good sleep because it has relaxing elements, will reduce your heart rate, and calm down your senses, all while your masseuse helps your entire body relax. 

Spa Bath 

The next time you go to the spa, be sure to schedule some time in the spa bath. This is especially beneficial if you are having problems sleeping. The hot water is going to help relax your mind and muscles. This will make you feel more tired and ready to go to bed when you get home. 

Hot Stone Massage 

One study has shown that you can get the same benefits offered by taking sleeping pills with a hot stone massage. Like the spa bath helps promote sleep because the heat of the water is relaxing, the heat of the stones pressing on your back also helps reduce muscle pain and helps you enjoy more refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. 

Scheduling a Spa Day 

When it comes to scheduling a spa day, there are more than a few factors to consider. If your goal is improved sleep, be sure to schedule the spa treatments mentioned above. These are going to help you relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Even better, once you get home and for several days and weeks later, you will find it easier to get to sleep and stay asleep. You will also feel up feeling more refreshed and ready to start the day. 

Be sure that you take time to find the right spa, which will provide you with the desired benefits. This will also help ensure that you get the benefits of better sleep, along with many other benefits that a spa day offers.  

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How to Set the Right Mood In Your Spas Treatment Rooms

Certain Crucial Aspects of Spa Treatment Room Lighting, Scents, Color, Cleanliness, Tactility, Sounds, and Temperature

To provide the best service to your spa guests much more is needed than merely enhanced lighting schemes, suggestive scents, inviting color schemes, utmost attention to cleanliness, tactile considerations, spa sounds, and ambient temperature control. All of the aforementioned aspects must work in concert while your guests experience invigorating spa treatment. You and your guests will notice a difference when these aspects of a spa are effectively managed and presented in an integrated manner. 


What Are Some Effective Aspects of Spa Lighting? 

Lighting depends on the use of the room. Some rooms, especially rooms that are used for massage, require lights that can be dimmed and softly focused. Waxing and nail treatments often require lighting that can be evenly distributed throughout the room to effectively expand light. Some treatments, such as hair removal, necessitate privacy. In that case, artificial light which suffuses an entire room might be necessary to ensure accurate use of the technique. Accurate use of lighting is necessary to ensure confidentiality, effective use, and the comfort of a spa guest. 


What Are Some Effective Aspects of Spa Scent? 

Scent is a necessary aspect to create an inviting atmosphere for an effective spa visit. A scent, in the form of essential oils, creates an inviting atmosphere that puts your spa guests at ease. Particularly useful are essential oils. These oils block acetone and other strongly scented products. The essential oil must be smelt by the spa user and cover over chemical smells to be effective. 


What Are Some Effective Aspects of Spa Color? 

Different color schemes are inviting for spa visitors. In cases of places of intimate care, artificial light might supersede a window’s natural light from windows. Darker colors might create a feeling of a smaller and more intimate room. Lighter colors create an ambiance of a brighter room. Color selection greatly influences emotional states. White imparts brightness and peace, while blue imparts coolness. Green imparts serenity, while red offers passion. Orange suggests vitality, while black and brown respectively impart luxury and earth. It’s important to combine colors into schemes that complement the lighting available in each spa room. 


What Are Some Effective Aspects of Spa Cleanliness and Tactility? 

Cleanliness and tactility influence the enriching spa experience. Tactile cleanliness includes impeccably clean heated towels, blankets, satin robes, and couch covers. Touchable items and surfaces imply a warm and inviting environment. Attention to the smallest detail of cleanliness beyond the readily visible disinfection of tools and hand cleanliness of employees creates a place that will impress upon guests that the best care has been taken to ensure their thoughtful care. 


What Are Some Effective Aspects of Spa Sounds? 

The use of an inviting but unobtrusive soundtrack lifts the guests mood. Music influences the environment of a spa. Fast-paced music suggests a modern vibe, while slow rock music implies tired dullness. Soothing music during spa procedures engenders calm in your spa guests. Classical or even holiday season music in the spa waiting area encourages guests to purchase hair or body care products. 


What Are Some Effective Aspects of Ambient Temperature? 

Ambient temperature control greatly affects spas. Ambient temperature includes not only the baseline temperature of a spa without employees and guests but also the heat generated by equipment. A heating, cooling, and ventilation system, such as one offered by Lennox heating and air, can alleviate the heat generated by spa appliances while creating a comfortable temperature for employees and spa guests. Well-ventilated spaces carry away unwanted and potentially hazardous chemical fumes. Without comfortable heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, guests cannot fully experience the therapeutic, sensual, and even colorful aspects of your spa. 


Every aforementioned aspect combines to create a thoughtful and relaxing spa experience. While lighting, scents, color, cleanliness, tactility, sounds, and temperature may appear to be afterthoughts, experience demonstrates that these ingredients combine to engender a spa experience that will be remembered. 

3 Spa Practices for Chronic Back Pain

Many people struggle with chronic back problems. It can be frustrating and debilitating. For some, it greatly affects their quality of life. While many doctors suggest surgery and pain medication as a remedy for the pain, those are not the only options. A consistent spa routine could be the solution to the discomfort you pain feel. There are several options of treatment while there that can work as treatments for the stressed muscles and joints. 


Perhaps one of the most common methods for relieving back pain is a back massage. This pain relief practice has been used for many years. Massages help work out kinks in the back muscles that could be causing stress and recurring pain. By relaxing these muscles, all the tension that is being held in the lumbar area is released. Your masseuse can implement a variety of different techniques based on the type of pain you have, the severity of your pain, and your desired pressure. They will use a combination of kneading, rubbing, and stroking of the muscles and facia to loosen up anything that’s particularly tight. Massage therapy is a non-invasive, non-medicated form of pain relief. It is generally less expensive than other professional pain relief treatment plans. 


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice that has been used for over 2,500 years. It uses very thin needles that are inserted into certain areas of the body that correspond to various types of pain. The idea behind the practice is that these points are connected via energy pathways where Qi can flow. Qi is the energy that exists within the body. By stimulating these points with the needles, the imbalanced Qi that is causing your pain is corrected. Others believe acupuncture works by promoting the release of chemicals in the brain that relieve pain. These “natural opioids” provide relief to the area that is hurting. Many people with recurring back pain swear by the healing powers of acupuncture. It is relatively non-invasive and has very few and rare side effects. 


Many people have found pain relief with the help of saunas. By sitting in a heated room, the body’s circulation of blood and fluids is increased. This increased circulation can help the muscles get more blood and oxygen, helping them heal. The heat also helps the muscles and joints become less stiff, allowing you to stretch out areas that were previously too tense to stretch. Saunas can reduce the soreness that occurs at nerve endings, making any spams or muscle cramps obsolete. Additionally, the heat can act as a relaxant which in turn can help with relieving pain. Part of dealing with chronic pain is the mental fatigue that comes with being chronically in pain. Because saunas offer an environment that promotes relaxation, your mental health can benefit from the relief as well. 

Bottom Line

Chronic back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lives. It is one of the most common ailments that people seek relief for. Chronic pain can be relentless and cause a lifetime of discomfort. While some opt for the surgery and pain medication route, that is not a path for everyone. If you’re looking for a more holistic approach that is both less expensive and less invasive, a spa visit may be the solution for you. You don’t have to live a life without pain relief. One of these treatments could be the solution for you.

PerformaLift Electric Salon Top from Oakworks

Our most comfortable table just got better! The Performalift has always offered the ultimate in comfort with the ability to tilt the table up at the head end to relieve sinus pressure or tilt it in the opposite direction with a salon or backrest top to create a zero gravity chair position. Now standard with a removable and replaceable padded top! The PerformaLift Electric Salon Top is versatile and the most comfortable spa table on the market. The Electric Salon top, with its generous seat section and choice of 4″ or 6″ aerocel padding, coupled with the ability to tilt the table to a Zero Gravity Chair position insures the ultimate in comfort.

Even when the table is flat, the ability to raise the head end of the table 1-2 inches can make a huge difference in comfort for people who experience sinus pressure when lying flat. It has our largest height range in our premium spa table line, with a full 16 inch height range. The beautiful open wood base is available in a wide range of finishes to match any decor. The powered ABC system (optional) is adjustable to create the perfect level of support for each client, taking pressure off their breasts and tension out of their back.

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